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Watch The Film

Get together either in or out of class to watch the 1981 film, and then discuss the differences between the book and the film.


Pick a "Bond-cocktail" from the book and prepare a visual presentation detailing its history and preparation.

Exotic Locations

Choose an exotic locale from the book (e.g., Paris, Nassau, Jamaica) and prepare a presentation exploring the geography, culture, music, food and customs of the place.


Pick a weapon from the book. Research its history and prepare a presentation.

Dress Like A Spy

Costume yourself as your favorite character from the book and come to class dressed as him/her.

Real-Life Secret Agents

Find a newspaper article discussing real-life espionage and share it with the class.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Bring in pictures and descriptions of any of the vehicles mentioned in the novel.


Write out ten potential scenarios between...

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