For Your Eyes Only Character Descriptions

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James Bond

This character's professional code name is 007.


This character is Bond's superior officer in Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Mary Ann Russell

This character is agent 765.

Wing Commander Rattray

This character is the Head of Station F.

Mr. and Mrs. Havelock

These characters are an elderly couple who own a large estate in Jamaica.

Judy Havelock

This character kills a gangster with a crossbow.

Major Gonzales

This character is a Cuban goon.

von Hammerstein

This character sends his men to attempt to purchase the Havelock's estate.

Colonel Johns

This character is a Canadian who assists Bond on his mission to assassinate Von Hammerstein.

The Nassau Governor

This character tells Bond the story of Mrs. Harvey Miller.

Harvey Miller

This character is a Canadian millionaire.

Mrs. Harvey Miller/Rhoda Masters, née Lewellyn

This character was an airline hostess.

Phillip Masters

This character marries an airline hostess.


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