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Chapter 1, From a View to a Kill

• A Royal Corps of Signals dispatch rider is assassinated on D98.
• Upon returning from a failed mission, Bond is picked up at Fouquet's by Mary Ann Russell.
• Rattray informs Bond that M is sending him to investigate the assassination.
• Bond stakes out a clearing near D98 and discovers the assassin's underground lair.

• Bond disguises himself as a Royal Corps of Signals dispatch-rider, lures the assassin and his compatriots out of hiding, and kills the leader on the road.

• Bond fights the assassin's subordinates, is physically overcome by one of them.

• Mary Ann Russell rescues Bond.

Chapter 2, For Your Eyes Only, pages 32-53

• Major Gonzales arrives at the Havelock's estate and offers to buy it for his boss at a generous price.

• When the Havelocks refuse, Gonzales' henchmen murder them.
• M tells Bond of the difficulties of being atop the chain of...

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