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Terence McKenna
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to women who drank wine in Rome?
(a) They were beheaded.
(b) They were beaten.
(c) They were murdered.
(d) They were killed.

2. What is in the typical American diet?
(a) Alcohol.
(b) Sugar.
(c) All of these.
(d) Meat.

3. When did cocaine and heroin become illegal in the USA?
(a) 1945.
(b) 1920.
(c) 1906.
(d) 1905.

4. Where were women paid to produce as many children as possible?
(a) China.
(b) Mexico.
(c) What is now Indonesia.
(d) Brazil.

5. What was likely to never be anticipated by the government agencies when they introduced cocaine?
(a) The social virulence of the drug.
(b) The social backlash when it was made illegal.
(c) The problems with quitting the drug.
(d) The problems in regards to the appeal of the drug.

6. Who publicly wrote the Magic Mushroom Grower's Guide?
(a) Both of these.
(b) Terence McKenna and his brother.
(c) Neither of these.
(d) O.T. Oss and O.N Oeric.

7. What did LSD do?
(a) It creates a lust for peace and trust.
(b) It create social apathy.
(c) It dissolves the gender barrier.
(d) Dissolves the social machinery through which it moves.

8. What was the reason for the American government to make the emphasis off of heroin and onto cocaine?
(a) Cocaine had healing properties.
(b) None of these.
(c) The war was lost in Vietnam and a retraction was done from S.E Asia.
(d) Cocaine was proven to be less addictive.

9. What kind of substance is honey?
(a) Preserving.
(b) Purifying.
(c) All of these.
(d) Magical.

10. What would separate the psychoactive alkaloids from those that are deadly in ergotized grain?
(a) Macerating the grain in wine.
(b) Macerating the grain in pigs fat.
(c) Macerating the grain in water.
(d) The fermentation process of the grain.

11. What was the preferred method of Cannabis imbibing?
(a) Tea.
(b) Smoking.
(c) All of these.
(d) Eating.

12. Which was the most important of the trading companies?
(a) The East British-India Trading Company.
(b) The East British Trading Company of the Indies.
(c) The British East India Company.
(d) The East India Trading Company.

13. Why did the Japanese produce vast amounts of opium and heroin for distribution in China?
(a) To manipulate the government into fixing the problem.
(b) To create a distraction for the people.
(c) To make the Chinese population too weak to resist occupation.
(d) To gain a profit.

14. What was the newest and most addictive drug introduced to society?
(a) Espresso.
(b) Methanphetamine.
(c) Television.
(d) Macha Lattes.

15. What described the classification of 'hard drugs'?
(a) They are inject able narcotics.
(b) Neither of these.
(c) The are highly addictive.
(d) Both of these.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did the Goddess survive long after the dominator style had been in place everywhere else?

2. Where do the 'old ways' still reside?

3. Demeter was the goddess of what, according to the Greeks?

4. When was the Doors of Perception written?

5. When is Cannabis akin to a hallucinogen?

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