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This is the place where Susan Barton was prior to her arrival on the island.


This is the place where Susan Barton is headed when she is cast away onto Cruso's island.

The Atlantic Ocean

This is where Cruso's island is located.

The North Bluff

This is the place where the majority of the apes have gone to escape Cruso and Friday.

The Hobart

This is the object that rescues Susan Barton, Friday and Cruso.

Clock Lane

This is the location of the apartment where Susan and Friday live upon their return to civilization.

Stoke Newington

This is where Mr. Foe lives.

The King's Arms

This is where the bailiffs are eating while inhabiting Mr. Foe's home.


This is where the young girl claiming to be Susan's daughter says she was born.


This is where Susan attempts to find passage for Friday to Africa...

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