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Essay Topic 1

The setting in all four sections of Foe are very different. Describe each character's response to one setting and analyze what that says about his or her character: Susan, Friday, and Cruso.

Essay Topic 2

Objects such as the terraces, Friday's tongue, the wig and robes, and the slate are used symbolically throughout the telling of Foe. Select any one object that has strong literary meaning for each of the four parts of the novel. Describe the object, what it symbolizes and analyze the author's reasons for including it in the novel.

Essay Topic 3

The structure of Foe as a novel with four untitled parts, frame story device, and its antagonistic title, offers readers insight to the message of the author. Analyze the title and structure of the novel and explain why the author chose to create it in this specific way.

Essay Topic 4

Gender roles, both...

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