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Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast Flush's life at Three Mile Cross and at the Barrett home. Where was Three Mile Cross located? Where did the Barrett's live? How did Flush perceive the differences in the decor and aromas of the two homes? Which did Flush prefer and why?

Essay Topic 2

Compare Flush's life in Pisa with his previous homes at Three Mile Cross and Wimpole Street. How did Pisa remind Flush of Three Mile Cross? How did it differ from London? What did Flush discover about the different dogs of Italy and England?

Essay Topic 3

Describe and analyze the character of Edward Barrett. Why was Mr. Barrett so controlling over his children? What was the heritage and ancestry of the Barrett family? How many children did Mr. Barrett have? How did he relate to his children as they became adults?

Essay Topic 4

Analyze and discuss the character of...

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