Flush: A Biography Character Descriptions

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This was a red Cocker Spaniel who spent his puppy years on a farm in England called Three Mile Cross.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

This was a famous poetess who lived in her family home on Wimpole Street in London, England.

Robert Browning

This was an English poet who married the protagonist's owner.

Miss Mitford

This was the first owner of the protagonist who lived on a farm in Three Mile Cross.

Lily Wilson

This was the personal maid of the protagonist's owner.

Edward Barrett

This domineering individual was the father of the protagonist's owner.

Mr. Taylor

This was the dog thief who stole the protagonist and held him for ransom.


This is an old bloodhound that just lies around all day.

Arabel and Henrietta

These were the sisters of the protagonist's owner.

Henry Barrett

This was one of one of the seven brothers of the protagonist's...

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