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Short Answer Questions

1. What question does Setsuko's husband, Suichi, persist in asking?

2. What position is Shintaro applying for?

3. On what basis do the Sugimura sisters select a buyer for their house?

4. According to Suichi, Ichiro's father, why does Ono quit painting?

5. What does Shintaro want Ono to do for him?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Saito regard the demonstrations in the streets?

2. How does Mr. Yamagata thank Ono for his support of the Migi-Hidari?

3. What is the likely reason for Miyake's sudden withdrawal from the marriage negotiations?

4. How does Taro behave during the miai?

5. Why does Ono decide to watch Mitsuo during the miai?

6. Why does Enchi treat Ono in such a friendly way when he arrives to visit Kuroda?

7. What is Mrs. Kawakami hesitating to decide?

8. After the surrender, one of the Sugimura sisters visits the house, obviously more concerned about the building than its inhabitants. Why doesn't Ono feel angry toward her?

9. Why does Ono feel compelled to confess his activities during the war during the miai?

10. What does Ono see as the result of his confession during the miai?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Ono recalls a rumor that Sugimura built a long corridor in his house to distance himself from his parents. Analyze Ono's relationship with his own father and with his two mentors, Takeda and Moriyama. Consider also that his daughters have moved at a distance from him, visiting only once a year. What do you think Ishiguro is telling his readers about parent-child relationships? Do you agree with his ideas?

Essay Topic 2

Young Miyake tells Ono what he believes is "the greatest cowardice of all." Later, Ono explains what he believes to be the greatest cowardice. Analyze the similarities and differences between their points of view. Do these stated opinions influence Ono? If so, how? Is cowardice or courage a matter of importance to him?

Essay Topic 3

Ono expresses the belief that his confession of guilt about his war activities rescued the miai from discomfort, and made relaxed social interaction possible. Do you think other characters would have the same opinion? Would things look different from another perspective? Tell the story of the miai from Noriko's point of view.

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