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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Ono think Ichiro is pretending to be when the boy imagines himself on horseback?

2. How long did Shintaro serve in the military?

3. How does Ichiro respond to Setsuko's requests for him to settle down?

4. What does Ono believe would make Shintaro happier?

5. How many regular customers does Mrs. Kawakami have now that the war is over?

Short Essay Questions

1. Ono says that he would not have made his admission of guilt at the miai had he not felt compelled to do so. What social situation compelled him?

2. What is surprising about Noriko's comments to Setsuko about Ono?

3. What tragic event happens to the mentally challenged Hirayama?

4. What does Noriko accuse Ono of when he is working in the garden?

5. Why does Enchi ask Ono to leave when he learns who he really is?

6. Why does Ono's father burn his paintings?

7. What is the likely reason for Miyake's sudden withdrawal from the marriage negotiations?

8. Why didn't Ono object to Noriko's marriage into a family that was below their station?

9. How does Taro behave during the miai?

10. After the surrender, one of the Sugimura sisters visits the house, obviously more concerned about the building than its inhabitants. Why doesn't Ono feel angry toward her?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Twice in the story, authority figures burned Ono's paintings. Compare the two situations. Did they have the same purpose? Were they trying to help the young man or hurt him? How do you know? Use textual evidence to support your opinion.

Essay Topic 2

Ishiguro devotes a great deal of description to the physical venues of Ono's city. Take the point of view of a reporter who is visiting the city to report on its postwar condition in 1948. As a reporter, what would you say about the parks? The homes? The pleasure district? If you returned in 1950, what would you report? Have there been significant changes? In your second paragraph, take the point of view of the same reporter returning after two years to observe the physical differences. What is still there? What is gone? What is there that wasn't before?

Essay Topic 3

Ono recalls a rumor that Sugimura built a long corridor in his house to distance himself from his parents. Analyze Ono's relationship with his own father and with his two mentors, Takeda and Moriyama. Consider also that his daughters have moved at a distance from him, visiting only once a year. What do you think Ishiguro is telling his readers about parent-child relationships? Do you agree with his ideas?

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