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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Shintaro want to disclaim?

2. What does Ono promise the youngest Sugimura sister?

3. How does Noriko's behavior appear during the first part of the miai?

4. Why does Mrs. Kawakami want Ono's advice about the corporation's offer?

5. How does Ono describe Noriko and Setsuko?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the difference in Noriko's behavior between her first and second miai?

2. Ono recalls the influence of Moriyama on his own behavior. What does he say he adopted from his teacher?

3. Why does Ono feel compelled to confess his activities during the war during the miai?

4. How does Ono believe a teacher should regard his students diverging from his teachings?

5. What does Matsuda believe was his and Ono's great misfortune?

6. What happened to Moriyama's best student, Sasaki?

7. What does Shintaro ask Ono to do for him?

8. Suichi says that American heroes are better role models for his son that Japanese heroes. Why would that be?

9. After the surrender, one of the Sugimura sisters visits the house, obviously more concerned about the building than its inhabitants. Why doesn't Ono feel angry toward her?

10. What is surprising about Noriko's comments to Setsuko about Ono?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

What do you make of the fact that Ono's paintings are not on display even in his own home, and that he will not show them even to his own grandson? What does it tell you that Ono will not draw or paint with Ichiro, although he encourages the boy to draw? What does it tell you that at the end of the story he tells Matsuda that he is painting again? Analyze what Ono's art work means to him in the context of these facts.

Essay Topic 2

Ishguro uses political diction when describing the art world. When a student artist went against his teacher's style, he was called a "traitor," and his work an act of "treachery." Such students were banished from the fellowship of their fellow artists. What does this type of language tell you about the social or political world in which Ono lived? Is art important for political purposes?

Essay Topic 3

Twice in the story, authority figures burned Ono's paintings. Compare the two situations. Did they have the same purpose? Were they trying to help the young man or hurt him? How do you know? Use textual evidence to support your opinion.

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