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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ono tell Ichiro about why men drink sake?
(a) It separates strong men from weak women.
(b) For a little while, they can believe they're stronger.
(c) It makes a man stronger.
(d) It helps men see the beauty of the floating world.

2. What causes Ono's great sense of triumph?
(a) The belief that he had outlasted his enemies.
(b) The belief that he had accomplished something of real value.
(c) The belief that Moriyama would be proud of him.
(d) The belief that his work was much admired.

3. Why does Ono believe that the Tortoise or Shintaro will never feel the sort of happiness he felt sitting on the hillside?
(a) They did not risk everything in an attempt to be extraordinary.
(b) They were not skilled enough craftsmen.
(c) They did not have the talent.
(d) They were prone to complain.

4. How was Moriyama supporting himself after his painting was devalued and his school closed?
(a) Painting advertisements.
(b) Painting patriotic posters.
(c) Painting magazine illustrations.
(d) Painting houses.

5. How often does Ono visit Matsuda after re-establishing contact with him?
(a) Every day.
(b) Once a month.
(c) Just once.
(d) Once a week.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ono mean when he talks of the art students "slanging" one another?

2. What famous Japanese artist does Moriyama emulate?

3. What news does Ono give Matsuda about Noriko?

4. What phrase does Ono tell his pupils that is similar to what Moriyama has said?

5. Why does the songwriter Naguchi commit suicide?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do we learn about Setsuko from Ono's conversation with Matsuda?

2. The reader learns some news about Noriko at the same time Matsuda does. What is the news?

3. Why does Ono approve of his teacher's distancing himself from his students' discussions?

4. How does Ono explain Naguchi's suicide to Ichiro?

5. What does Ono say the New Japan proved about him and about Matsuda?

6. What does Matsuda believe was his and Ono's great misfortune?

7. Why didn't Moriyama applaud his student's maturing talent as an artist?

8. What stylistic devices does Moriyama copy from the classic artist, Utamaro?

9. How does Ono console himself that he did not visit his old friend as often as he had intended to?

10. When does Ono achieve his greatest feeling of triumph?

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