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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Matsuda claim has been blamed for Japan's downfall?
(a) The emperor and his household.
(b) Artists and musicians.
(c) Military men, politicians, and businessmen.
(d) The voting public.

2. What does Matsuda say the world sees when they look at Ono and Matsuda now that the war is behind them?
(a) Two instigators of a war.
(b) Two failed imperialists.
(c) Two old men with sticks.
(d) Two traitors to their country.

3. How do the art students treat Sasaki when he changes his style?
(a) They burned his work in the courtyard.
(b) They criticized him in public.
(c) They gave him a goodbye party and sent him away.
(d) They hid his paintings and refused to speak to him.

4. What does Matsuda's neighbor boy do each day?
(a) He feeds the fish.
(b) He climbs up on the wall between the houses.
(c) He climbs a tree to watch Matsuda feed the fish.
(d) He comes to visit.

5. What goal had Ono and Matsuda shared in the old days?
(a) Teaching the artists of tomorrow.
(b) Becoming world famous artists.
(c) Finding perfect wives.
(d) Making a grand contribution to the war effort.

6. Where does Ono believe his own mannerisms come from?
(a) His old friend Matsuda.
(b) His admiration of Sugimura.
(c) His former teacher, Moriyama.
(d) His friend, Shintaro.

7. When he learns there will be sake at dinner, what makes Ichiro laugh?
(a) His father might get drunk.
(b) His grandfather Ono might get drunk.
(c) His aunt Noriko might get drunk.
(d) Ichiro might get drunk.

8. What is the common subject of Moriyama's paintings?
(a) Children.
(b) Women.
(c) The sea.
(d) Flowers.

9. How does Ono feel about the future of Japan?
(a) The best times are behind them.
(b) There is a chance to make a better go of things.
(c) Their world is permanently ruined.
(d) The destruction will never be forgotten.

10. How often does Ono visit Matsuda after re-establishing contact with him?
(a) Once a week.
(b) Once a month.
(c) Every day.
(d) Just once.

11. What had Ono completed the same week he received the award?
(a) A commissioned portrait.
(b) His floating world water colors.
(c) His paintings of fire engines.
(d) The New Japan campaign.

12. Why does Matsuda think the two men should not blame themselves for their earlier actions?
(a) They were too young to understand forces around them.
(b) Their actions had produced good results.
(c) They acted on their beliefs and did their utmost.
(d) They were fooled by charlatans.

13. What did Ono feel was missing the night he won the award?
(a) His family.
(b) Kuroda's approval.
(c) A feeling of triumph and fulfillment.
(d) International recognition.

14. Why does Ono admire Sugimura?
(a) He aspired to rise above mediocrity.
(b) He was a skilled landscape designer.
(c) He aspired to fame.
(d) He aspired to make a fortune.

15. What news does Ono give Matsuda about Noriko?
(a) She's getting a divorce.
(b) The marriage was annulled.
(c) She's expecting a child.
(d) The marriage has been unhappy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Moriyama wish to accomplish with his students?

2. How does Matsuda describe the contribution he and Ono made?

3. Why does the songwriter Naguchi commit suicide?

4. Why is Ono surprised at Setsuko's view of Noriko's marriage negotiation?

5. What does Ono say during his last conversation with Matsuda about his present-day perspective on life?

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