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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the visiting Gisaburo say about nights in the floating world?
(a) The best things are put together at night and vanish in the morning.
(b) The worst things happen in the darkness.
(c) All artists seek the light of day.
(d) Only drunkards find value in that which fades in the morning.

2. What does Ono hope his own students will do?
(a) Forget they ever knew Ono.
(b) Forget Ono's part in the war.
(c) Remain grateful to Ono for what they learned.
(d) Conceal their relationship to Ono.

3. What traits does Ono observe that Ichiro has inherited from his mother?
(a) Mannerisms and little facial habits.
(b) Ways of speaking.
(c) His height and facial features.
(d) Courtesies.

4. What does Ono believe should give Matsuda and him satisfaction as they review their lives?
(a) They supported a just cause.
(b) They followed honorable leaders.
(c) They acted in the best of faith.
(d) They were too young to be accountable.

5. What remains of Sugimura's planned Kawabe Park?
(a) Only the concert hall.
(b) Only the grass where the museums and theaters would have stood.
(c) Only the kabuki theater.
(d) Only the museum.

6. What honor had Ono received in 1938?
(a) The Nobel Prize.
(b) A commission from the emperor.
(c) The Shigeta Foundation Award.
(d) A statue in his honor in the city park.

7. Why had Moriyama been happy with his work looking back on it as an old man?
(a) He had devoted his life to repudiating debauchery.
(b) He had devoted his life to capturing a unique beauty.
(c) He had devoted his life to nurturing young talent.
(d) He had devoted his life to changing with modernizing trends.

8. Why doesn't Miss Suzuki want Matsuda to feed his fish?
(a) He fell on the stones a few months ago.
(b) She can do it more easily.
(c) She's afraid he'll fall into the pond.
(d) She doesn't want to attract the neighbor boy.

9. What does Ono tell Ichiro about why men drink sake?
(a) It separates strong men from weak women.
(b) It helps men see the beauty of the floating world.
(c) It makes a man stronger.
(d) For a little while, they can believe they're stronger.

10. How have the students behaved watching Moriyama paint?
(a) They told him they thought his painting was marvelous.
(b) They wrote critiques of each painting.
(c) They spoke as though he were not present.
(d) They asked him questions as he worked.

11. How does Moriyama respond to his students' comments about his painting?
(a) He explained his intentions.
(b) He listened, but did not respond.
(c) He expanded their points of view.
(d) He corrected their errors.

12. What shows European influences on Moriyama?
(a) He outlined his figures in black.
(b) He abandoned the use of dark outlines.
(c) He used bold, bright colors.
(d) He used oils instead of watercolors.

13. Why doesn't Ono go to Moriyama's villa?
(a) The train was leaving.
(b) The villa was closed.
(c) He fell asleep.
(d) It seemed pointless.

14. Why does Ono quit painting for such a long time?
(a) He felt he was untalented.
(b) He had lost his touch.
(c) He was disillusioned.
(d) He had been forbidden to paint.

15. What does the neighbor boy do when Matsuda speaks to him?
(a) He runs away.
(b) He comes into the house.
(c) He comes into the yard.
(d) He chats with Matsuda.

Short Answer Questions

1. What goal had Ono and Matsuda shared in the old days?

2. What had Ono completed the same week he received the award?

3. What is Ichiro's favorite food now that he is eight-years-old?

4. Why does the Tortoise often destroy his own paintings?

5. What does Ono say during his last conversation with Matsuda about his present-day perspective on life?

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