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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Ono feel the sense of triumph he had hoped for?
(a) Sitting on a hill all alone, eating oranges.
(b) Receiving the praise of his students.
(c) When his family gave him a surprise party.
(d) Confronting Moriyama at his villa.

2. Why does the songwriter Naguchi commit suicide?
(a) No one had appreciated his music.
(b) He had a terminal illness.
(c) His songs had been misunderstood.
(d) His songs had been used to promote war.

3. How does Setsuko think Saito felt about Ono?
(a) Setsuko thinks Saito disapproved of Ono.
(b) Setsuko thinks Saito was rude to Ono.
(c) Setsuko thinks Saito was an admirer of Ono's work.
(d) Setsuko thinks Saito had no idea who Ono was until the marriage negotiations.

4. What famous Japanese artist does Moriyama emulate?
(a) Narita.
(b) Fujiyama.
(c) Kirukama.
(d) Utamaro.

5. How does Ono find his old friend upon his second visit?
(a) He is much stronger.
(b) He is asleep for most of the visit.
(c) He is much the same.
(d) He is much weaker.

6. What does Ono mean when he talks of the art students "slanging" one another?
(a) They wrote unpleasant critiques of one another's work.
(b) They shouted good-humored insults across the yard.
(c) They destroyed each other's paintings.
(d) They wrote slurs about one another.

7. What brought about the chances in Moriyama's standing?
(a) His European style was increasingly admired.
(b) He had changed his European style.
(c) He had returned to traditional Japanese art.
(d) His European style was seen as unpatriotic.

8. Why does Matsuda think the two men should not blame themselves for their earlier actions?
(a) They were too young to understand forces around them.
(b) Their actions had produced good results.
(c) They acted on their beliefs and did their utmost.
(d) They were fooled by charlatans.

9. Why does the smell of burning make Ono uneasy?
(a) It reminds him of burned paintings.
(b) It frightens him that the fire will spread.
(c) It reminds him of bombings and fire.
(d) It reminds him of the burning of his house.

10. What phrase does Ono tell his pupils that is similar to what Moriyama has said?
(a) No man has helped more students than I have.
(b) No man has painted better than I.
(c) No man will make me believe I have wasted my time.
(d) No man has furthered art in our country more than I have.

11. Why does the Tortoise often destroy his own paintings?
(a) Because Ono did not like them.
(b) Because he could never satisfy his own plan.
(c) Because Sasaki, the leading pupil, called them "disloyal".
(d) Because Moriyama did not like them.

12. Why does Ono believe that the Tortoise or Shintaro will never feel the sort of happiness he felt sitting on the hillside?
(a) They did not have the talent.
(b) They were not skilled enough craftsmen.
(c) They were prone to complain.
(d) They did not risk everything in an attempt to be extraordinary.

13. What is the last year covered in this story?
(a) 1950.
(b) 1947.
(c) 1949.
(d) 1952.

14. Why had Moriyama been happy with his work looking back on it as an old man?
(a) He had devoted his life to nurturing young talent.
(b) He had devoted his life to capturing a unique beauty.
(c) He had devoted his life to changing with modernizing trends.
(d) He had devoted his life to repudiating debauchery.

15. How did Saito treat Ono during their first encounter?
(a) With evident disdain.
(b) With complete disinterest.
(c) With obvious curiosity.
(d) With great respect.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why had Matsuda called Ono naive in the old days?

2. How have the students behaved watching Moriyama paint?

3. Why does Ichiro say spinach is his favorite food?

4. How do the art students treat Sasaki when he changes his style?

5. Why does Ono admire Sugimura?

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