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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What news does Ono give Matsuda about himself?
(a) He has taken up horticulture.
(b) He has stopped painting.
(c) He has started painting again.
(d) He is considering marriage again.

2. Why does Ono believe that the Tortoise or Shintaro will never feel the sort of happiness he felt sitting on the hillside?
(a) They did not risk everything in an attempt to be extraordinary.
(b) They were prone to complain.
(c) They were not skilled enough craftsmen.
(d) They did not have the talent.

3. What implication does Setsuko make in Noriko's kitchen that offends Ono?
(a) That Ono had ignored his wife's advice about child-rearing.
(b) That Ono's child-rearing ideas had been too strict.
(c) That Ono's ideas had caused Kenji's death.
(d) That Ono's child-rearing ideas had been too lax.

4. Why does Matsuda say he never married?
(a) He had too many girlfriends.
(b) He was too busy improving the world.
(c) He never found the right woman.
(d) He was too busy traveling the world.

5. What news does Ono give Matsuda about Setsuko?
(a) She is studying art.
(b) She is expecting a second child.
(c) She is attending cooking school.
(d) She and her husband are on vacation.

6. What happened to Moriyama after Ono left his school?
(a) His work was displayed at the palace.
(b) His reputation had declined.
(c) His work had been admired in Europe.
(d) His reputation had spread.

7. What does Matsuda say the world sees when they look at Ono and Matsuda now that the war is behind them?
(a) Two instigators of a war.
(b) Two traitors to their country.
(c) Two failed imperialists.
(d) Two old men with sticks.

8. What qualities does Ono claim he shared with Matsuda when they were younger?
(a) Creativity and inspiration.
(b) Energy and courage.
(c) Empathy and kindness.
(d) Vision and hope.

9. Why had Matsuda called Ono naive in the old days?
(a) His worldview was too broad.
(b) His perspective as an artist was narrow.
(c) He had no understanding of politics.
(d) He had no interest in politics.

10. Why does Ichiro say spinach is his favorite food?
(a) Because his mother says spinach will make him strong.
(b) Because his father says spinach will make him strong.
(c) Because Popeye says spinach makes him strong.
(d) Because his aunt Noriko says spinach will make him strong.

11. Why is Ono surprised at Setsuko's view of Noriko's marriage negotiation?
(a) Because she had been the one who suggested that he take steps to clarify his position.
(b) Because he had salvaged the negotiations.
(c) Because she had made a similar confession.
(d) Because his declaration had a good result.

12. How often does Ono visit Matsuda after re-establishing contact with him?
(a) Once a month.
(b) Every day.
(c) Just once.
(d) Once a week.

13. How was Moriyama supporting himself after his painting was devalued and his school closed?
(a) Painting advertisements.
(b) Painting magazine illustrations.
(c) Painting houses.
(d) Painting patriotic posters.

14. Where does Ono believe his own mannerisms come from?
(a) His former teacher, Moriyama.
(b) His friend, Shintaro.
(c) His old friend Matsuda.
(d) His admiration of Sugimura.

15. What does Ono believe should give Matsuda and him satisfaction as they review their lives?
(a) They supported a just cause.
(b) They followed honorable leaders.
(c) They acted in the best of faith.
(d) They were too young to be accountable.

Short Answer Questions

1. What goal had Ono and Matsuda shared in the old days?

2. How does Ichiro try to be grown-up when he meets Ono in the park?

3. What honor had Ono received in 1938?

4. What does Moriyama wish to accomplish with his students?

5. Why does Matsuda think the two men should not blame themselves for their earlier actions?

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