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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ono say during lunch that frightens Ichiro?
(a) That he disapproves of Naguchi's solution.
(b) That he is not like Naguchi.
(c) That he is like Naguchi.
(d) That he had the same problems Naguchi had.

2. How does Matsuda describe the contribution he and Ono made?
(a) It was marginal.
(b) It was critical.
(c) It was negligible.
(d) It was important.

3. What does Matsuda say about his own present-day perspective on life during his last conversation with Ono?
(a) It is broader than Ono's perspective.
(b) It is global.
(c) It is national and patriotic.
(d) It doesn't extend much beyond his own garden.

4. Why does Ono introduce Kenji into the conversation in Noriko's kitchen?
(a) He suddenly recalls his son's death.
(b) His son, had he been present, would have taken his side.
(c) He had argued with his wife about giving Kenji sake at the same age.
(d) He feels outnumbered by women.

5. Why does the songwriter Naguchi commit suicide?
(a) He had a terminal illness.
(b) His songs had been used to promote war.
(c) His songs had been misunderstood.
(d) No one had appreciated his music.

6. What had Ono completed the same week he received the award?
(a) The New Japan campaign.
(b) His paintings of fire engines.
(c) His floating world water colors.
(d) A commissioned portrait.

7. When does Ono feel the sense of triumph he had hoped for?
(a) Confronting Moriyama at his villa.
(b) Receiving the praise of his students.
(c) Sitting on a hill all alone, eating oranges.
(d) When his family gave him a surprise party.

8. What qualities does Ono claim he shared with Matsuda when they were younger?
(a) Creativity and inspiration.
(b) Empathy and kindness.
(c) Vision and hope.
(d) Energy and courage.

9. How does Ono evaluate Naguchi's suicide?
(a) Ono said Naguchi was very brave and honorable.
(b) Ono said the death was cowardly.
(c) Ono said the death was foolish and wasteful.
(d) Ono said the death was tragic and sad.

10. What remains of Sugimura's planned Kawabe Park?
(a) Only the grass where the museums and theaters would have stood.
(b) Only the concert hall.
(c) Only the museum.
(d) Only the kabuki theater.

11. Which of Sugimura's plans does Ono believe is "eccentric"?
(a) A cemetery for cats and dogs.
(b) A new kabuki theater.
(c) A European style concert hall.
(d) A museum of natural science.

12. What traits does Ono observe that Ichiro has inherited from his mother?
(a) His height and facial features.
(b) Courtesies.
(c) Ways of speaking.
(d) Mannerisms and little facial habits.

13. What implication does Setsuko make in Noriko's kitchen that offends Ono?
(a) That Ono's ideas had caused Kenji's death.
(b) That Ono's child-rearing ideas had been too strict.
(c) That Ono had ignored his wife's advice about child-rearing.
(d) That Ono's child-rearing ideas had been too lax.

14. Why does Ono believe that the Tortoise or Shintaro will never feel the sort of happiness he felt sitting on the hillside?
(a) They were not skilled enough craftsmen.
(b) They did not have the talent.
(c) They did not risk everything in an attempt to be extraordinary.
(d) They were prone to complain.

15. Who does Matsuda claim has been blamed for Japan's downfall?
(a) The voting public.
(b) Artists and musicians.
(c) The emperor and his household.
(d) Military men, politicians, and businessmen.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ono tell Ichiro about why men drink sake?

2. Why does Ono quit painting for such a long time?

3. What phrase does Ono tell his pupils that is similar to what Moriyama has said?

4. What is the last year covered in this story?

5. What brought about the chances in Moriyama's standing?

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