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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why doesn't Ono share his feelings about the old pleasure district with Mrs. Kawakami?
(a) Ono knows she's too old to rebuild.
(b) Ono knows she doesn't wish for the old days.
(c) It would be tactless because the old days are dear to her.
(d) Ono knows she is relieved to be through with the old days.

2. What does Kuroda explain to Ono while they sit around the table in Migi-Hidari?
(a) That Ono was not keeping up with changing times.
(b) That Ono was not the painter he used to be.
(c) That Ono was unaware of his own great reputation.
(d) That Ono did not appreciate his students' progress.

3. What does Shintaro not confide to Ono?
(a) He is getting married.
(b) He has applied for several teaching positions.
(c) He is leaving the city.
(d) He has found a new job.

4. What is a miai?
(a) A wedding reception.
(b) An engagement party.
(c) A formal meeting between the families of a prospective bride and groom.
(d) A business meeting.

5. What does Ono think about the return of the old floating world?
(a) It may yet return.
(b) It would be better if it returned.
(c) It is just as well that it will not return.
(d) Ono will pray for its return.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ono advise Mrs. Kawakami to do?

2. How does Mrs. Saito feel about the demonstrations in the streets?

3. How does Noriko embarrass Ono in front of Mr. Mori?

4. Why does Ono quit painting for such a long time?

5. Why does Ono introduce Kenji into the conversation in Noriko's kitchen?

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