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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How have the students behaved watching Moriyama paint?
(a) They wrote critiques of each painting.
(b) They told him they thought his painting was marvelous.
(c) They spoke as though he were not present.
(d) They asked him questions as he worked.

2. What traits does Ono observe that Ichiro has inherited from his mother?
(a) Mannerisms and little facial habits.
(b) His height and facial features.
(c) Ways of speaking.
(d) Courtesies.

3. How does Noriko persuade Ichiro to help her clear away the breakfast things?
(a) By threatening to send him to his room.
(b) By telling him she will give him a treat.
(c) By telling him she's not strong enough to put the table away.
(d) By threatening him with a time out.

4. How does Mrs. Kawakami's bar seem to Ono while the construction is under way?
(a) Shabby and out of place.
(b) Traditional and historic.
(c) Quaint and charming.
(d) Homelike and appealing.

5. What does Noriko say her father could not do without her?
(a) Remember to eat.
(b) Go to bed.
(c) Get up for breakfast.
(d) Stay awake for dinner.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Ono convince his wife that an investigation for the sale of the house is not a problem?

2. How do the art students treat Sasaki when he changes his style?

3. How does Setsuko make up to Ono for Noriko's excluding him from the outing?

4. Where has Ichiro heard English spoken?

5. What famous Japanese artist does Moriyama emulate?

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