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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Setsuko uncomfortable with Noriko's talk about Ono?
(a) It is dishonest
(b) It is disrespectful.
(c) She feels guilty for causing discord.
(d) She feels guilty for not helping.

2. How does Taro Saito feel about the demonstrations in the streets?
(a) They've gone too far.
(b) They're an important expression of freedom of speech.
(c) The Japanese are children learning democracy.
(d) It is a great pity that people are being injured.

3. What kind of customers frequented Migi-Hidari in the old days?
(a) Businessmen.
(b) Artists and writers.
(c) Lowlife thugs.
(d) Tourists.

4. How does Noriko's behavior change during the miai?
(a) She becomes increasingly silent and distressed.
(b) She becomes talkative and lively.
(c) She abruptly leaves the table.
(d) She begins to relax.

5. Why does Ono introduce Kenji into the conversation in Noriko's kitchen?
(a) His son, had he been present, would have taken his side.
(b) He feels outnumbered by women.
(c) He had argued with his wife about giving Kenji sake at the same age.
(d) He suddenly recalls his son's death.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Noriko persuade Ichiro to help her clear away the breakfast things?

2. What does Ono believe he gained from his admission?

3. What had the wandering priest warned Ono's parents about him?

4. Why does Ichiro refuse to help Noriko put away the breakfast things?

5. Which of Sugimura's plans does Ono believe is "eccentric"?

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