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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the Bridge of Hesitation get its name?
(a) Conscience-troubled men would decide to go home or out for entertainment.
(b) One side had been rebuilt; the other was destroyed.
(c) The city had to decide whether to rebuild the bridge.
(d) One side was modern; the other old-fashioned.

2. How does Ono describe Noriko and Setsuko?
(a) Noriko is shy and retiring; Setsuko is headstrong.
(b) Both girls are headstrong and stubborn.
(c) Noriko is headstrong; Setsuko is shy and retiring.
(d) Both girls are shy and retiring.

3. Why does Shintaro not join Ono's other pupils at their reserved table in Migi-Hidari?
(a) He was too poor.
(b) He was not regarded as first rank.
(c) They were jealous of his friendship with Ono.
(d) There were too many of them.

4. What does Ono advise Mrs. Kawakami to do with the profit from selling her bar?
(a) Relax and put her feet up.
(b) Build a fine new place.
(c) Retire to the seaside.
(d) Start a smaller place in the suburbs.

5. What is a miai?
(a) A business meeting.
(b) A formal meeting between the families of a prospective bride and groom.
(c) An engagement party.
(d) A wedding reception.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why doesn't Ono share his feelings about the old pleasure district with Mrs. Kawakami?

2. What does Ono promise to do to help Mrs. Kawakami?

3. What does Shintaro want Ono to do for him?

4. What kind of customers frequented Migi-Hidari in the old days?

5. Which room does Ono say is the most important room in the house?

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