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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Noriko planned for entertainment during Setsuko's visit?
(a) A visit to the deer park without Ono.
(b) A trip to the art museum.
(c) A trip to the cinema with the whole family.
(d) She bought new games to play at home.

2. What does Ono promise the youngest Sugimura sister?
(a) That she could return to the house whenever she wanted.
(b) That she could live with their family.
(c) That he would repair the war damage at the first opportunity.
(d) That he would build a room for her.

3. Why is Setsuko uncomfortable with Noriko's talk about Ono?
(a) It is dishonest
(b) She feels guilty for not helping.
(c) She feels guilty for causing discord.
(d) It is disrespectful.

4. How does Setsuko make up to Ono for Noriko's excluding him from the outing?
(a) She insists that he be invited to come along.
(b) She berates her sister for her rudeness.
(c) She decides to stay home with him.
(d) She cancels the trip to go to the cinema with him.

5. Where has Ichiro heard English spoken?
(a) His parents bought him an audiotape.
(b) His parents hired a tutor for him.
(c) His parents took him to a cowboy movie.
(d) His parents were studying English.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Ono believe the Miyakes withdrew their offer of marriage?

2. What kind of customers frequented Migi-Hidari in the old days?

3. What does Ono like best about the house?

4. Why does Shintaro not join Ono's other pupils at their reserved table in Migi-Hidari?

5. What does Miyake think about the suicide of his company's president?

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