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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Noriko say that Ono is making progress?
(a) He's learning to cook.
(b) He's improved the house alone.
(c) He's learning to speak English.
(d) He's modernized his painting style.

2. Why does Ono enjoy Shintaro's company?
(a) Because Shintaro has a subtle sense of humor.
(b) Because he is unchanged by the war.
(c) Because Ono admires his painting.
(d) Because Shintaro is perceptive about politics.

3. How does Ono help Shintaro's younger brother?
(a) He found him a wife.
(b) He loaned him money.
(c) He hired him as an apprentice.
(d) He wrote a letter of recommendation.

4. What question does Setsuko's husband, Suichi, persist in asking?
(a) Why is Ichiro so ill-mannered?
(b) Why did Noriko's marriage negotiations fail?
(c) Why hasn't the house been repaired?
(d) Why does Setsuko visit her family so often?

5. Why does Shintaro not join Ono's other pupils at their reserved table in Migi-Hidari?
(a) He was not regarded as first rank.
(b) He was too poor.
(c) They were jealous of his friendship with Ono.
(d) There were too many of them.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Ono's wife press him to find a better house?

2. Why does Ono believe the Miyakes withdrew their offer of marriage?

3. What does Mrs. Kawakami call the pleasure district since the war?

4. What does Miyake think about the suicide of his company's president?

5. What does Ono like about the garden?

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