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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What honor had Ono received in 1938?
(a) A statue in his honor in the city park.
(b) The Nobel Prize.
(c) The Shigeta Foundation Award.
(d) A commission from the emperor.

2. What does Matsuda say about his own present-day perspective on life during his last conversation with Ono?
(a) It is global.
(b) It is national and patriotic.
(c) It doesn't extend much beyond his own garden.
(d) It is broader than Ono's perspective.

3. How does Ono feel about the demonstrations in the streets?
(a) The Japanese are children learning democracy.
(b) They've gone too far.
(c) They're an important expression of freedom of speech.
(d) It is a great pity that people are being injured.

4. How does Noriko say Ono used to treat them?
(a) He ignored them.
(b) He was a tyrant.
(c) He spoiled them.
(d) He doted on them.

5. How did Saito treat Ono during their first encounter?
(a) With evident disdain.
(b) With great respect.
(c) With complete disinterest.
(d) With obvious curiosity.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Ono come to admire Moriyama's treatment of his students?

2. What part of the house do Ono's daughters enjoy most?

3. What remains of Sugimura's planned Kawabe Park?

4. Why had Matsuda called Ono naive in the old days?

5. How does Shintaro embarrass Mrs. Kawakami?

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