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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Ono's father object to his becoming an artist?
(a) Their wealth makes artists disrespectful of others.
(b) Their poverty makes artists weak-willed and depraved.
(c) Artists are dishonest.
(d) Art is useless in the world.

2. Why does Ichiro refuse to help Noriko put away the breakfast things?
(a) He wants to stay with his mother.
(b) He wants to stay with his grandfather.
(c) He's playing a game.
(d) He says it's women's work.

3. What does Ono say about the movie that insults Ichiro?
(a) He should stay home with the women.
(b) He is not strong enough to lift the table.
(c) The movie might be too scary for young children.
(d) He should obey his mother.

4. What part of the house do Ono's daughters enjoy most?
(a) The long garden corridor.
(b) The reception room.
(c) The veranda.
(d) The well-lighted kitchen.

5. What question does Setsuko's husband, Suichi, persist in asking?
(a) Why is Ichiro so ill-mannered?
(b) Why does Setsuko visit her family so often?
(c) Why did Noriko's marriage negotiations fail?
(d) Why hasn't the house been repaired?

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the atmosphere of the miai change after Ono's confession?

2. What always makes Mrs. Kawakami smile?

3. Why does Ono believe the Miyakes withdrew their offer of marriage?

4. According to Suichi, Ichiro's father, why does Ono quit painting?

5. How does Noriko say Ono used to treat them?

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