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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Ono believe his own mannerisms come from?
(a) His former teacher, Moriyama.
(b) His old friend Matsuda.
(c) His friend, Shintaro.
(d) His admiration of Sugimura.

2. How does Setsuko make up to Ono for Noriko's excluding him from the outing?
(a) She cancels the trip to go to the cinema with him.
(b) She decides to stay home with him.
(c) She insists that he be invited to come along.
(d) She berates her sister for her rudeness.

3. What phrase does Ono tell his pupils that is similar to what Moriyama has said?
(a) No man has helped more students than I have.
(b) No man has furthered art in our country more than I have.
(c) No man will make me believe I have wasted my time.
(d) No man has painted better than I.

4. What remains of Sugimura's planned Kawabe Park?
(a) Only the museum.
(b) Only the kabuki theater.
(c) Only the concert hall.
(d) Only the grass where the museums and theaters would have stood.

5. What is the difference between Noriko's behavior at her first miai and her behavior at this one?
(a) Then she was heartbroken; now she is happy.
(b) Then she was shy; now she is relaxed and casual.
(c) Then she was relaxed and casual; now she is shy.
(d) Then she was friendly; now she is rude.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Ono feel about the demonstrations in the streets?

2. What has changed in the city between 1948 and 1949?

3. What implication does Setsuko make in Noriko's kitchen that offends Ono?

4. What kind of mistakes does Ono believe are not shameful?

5. Which room does Ono say is the most important room in the house?

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