An Artist of the Floating World Multiple Choice Test Questions

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Multiple Choice

1. Why does Ono's wife press him to find a better house?
(a) To improve her social standing.
(b) To shorten the walk to town.
(c) To improve his daughters' marriage prospects.
(d) To impress his son's high school friends.

2. On what basis do the Sugimura sisters select a buyer for their house?
(a) They had an auction of prestige.
(b) They sold to the highest bidder.
(c) They selected the first to make an offer.
(d) They selected a relative.

3. Why is Ono considered as a potential buyer for the Sugimura house?
(a) The sisters' deceased father had respected his art.
(b) The sisters'deceased father had been a relative.
(c) The sisters' deceased father had known of his wealth.
(d) The sisters' deceased father owed Ono a debt.

4. Why does Ono's wife object to being investigated to get the house?
(a) She thought it would interfere with her daughters' marriage chances.
(b) She thought the sellers had no right to check on them.
(c) She thought her secret would be discovered.
(d) She thought it would cost them money.

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