Daily Lessons for Teaching An Artist of the Floating World

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Lesson 1 (from Part 1)


Part 1

A reader can obtain valuable information about a book by "interviewing" the book before you begin to read. Today's objective is to discover what information can be gained from the front and back matter of this book, from the title and cover illustration, and by reading the first three pages.


1. Individual reading: Discover what you can about the book by reading the author's biography and the front matter. Find out where and when the author was born, and where and when the book was published. How old was he when he wrote this book? What else has he written? Has the book won any awards?

2. Individual writing: Record your prediction about what the "floating world" might be. Could there be more than one meaning? Keep this prediction.

3. In-class reading: Read the first three pages of the book silently.

4. Class discussion: What observations have you...

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