An Artist of the Floating World Character Descriptions

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Masuji Ono

This character is a retired Japanese artist who fell from a high social position into disgrace when Japan was defeated in World War II.

Chishu Matsuda

This character convinced his friend that imperialism was the solution to Japan's social ills.

Seiji Moriyama

This character was the great artist of the "floating world," a teacher strongly influenced by European impressionists.


This character has a young son and eventually is first to forgive the disgraced artist.


This character is angry and rejecting of those who participated in Japan's imperialistic dreams.


This child loves American cartoons.


This character has difficulty finding a suitable spouse.

Jiro Miyake

This character was, for a time, a potential husband in a marriage negotiation.

Taro Saito

This character becomes a husband during the story.

Mrs. Kawakami

This character eventually has to sell a drinking establishment.


This less-talented painter wants...

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