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Part 1

• Ono recalls that he was able to purchase his house through a prestige auction.

• He promises the sellers to repair the war damage as soon as possible.

• Noriko tells her sister,Setsuko, that Ono is changing from tyrannical to gentle.

• Ono expresses pride in the repairs he has already accomplished.
• Setsuko tries to calm Ichiro, her noisy son.

• Ono is amused, rather than angry, at Ichiros behavior.

• Ono offers to take Ichiro to a scary monster movie.

• Setsuko questions Ono about why the Miyakes withdrew from Noriko's marriage negotiations last year.

• Ono believes the Miyakes felt themselves unworthy of marriage into Ono's family.
• With satisfaction, Ono recalls helping Shintaro's younger brother get a job.

• Ono recalls that Shintaro is childlike and innocent, unaffected by the war.

• With satisfaction, Ono recalls being praised by his pupil, Kuroda.

• While Mrs. Kawakami's establishment has remained unchanged, the area around it...

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