Flaubert's Parrot Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What places does Geoffrey go to learn more about Gustave Flaubert?

Geoffrey goes to the museum in the town of Rouen and also to a museum near Faubert's home.

2. What is the mystery of the two parrots?

The mystery of the two parrots is that two museums claim to have the actual parrot that once sat on Flaubert's desk as he wrote "Un coeur simple."

3. What is the plot of "Un coeur simple"?

The plot of "Un coeur simple" involves a servant who loses everyone she loves, including her parrot to whom she prays after his death.

4. Why might Geoffrey be so interested in the mystery of the parrots?

Geoffrey might believe that solving the mystery of the parrots will lead him to some truths about Flaubert.

5. What are the three parts of Braithwaite's chronology about?

One part of Braithwaite's chronology is about Flaubert's successes, another about his failures, and the third about his thoughts.

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