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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15, And the Parrot....

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is defined as Flaubert's social alter ego?
(a) Jean-Paul Sartre.
(b) Maxime du Camp.
(c) Louis Bouilhet.
(d) Emile Zola.

2. What did Flaubert imagine could happen if he married Louise?
(a) She would stop loving him.
(b) He would stop devoting time to his writing.
(c) She would have a child and die.
(d) He would stop loving her.

3. What mistake did the professor from Cambridge point out in a Tennyson work?
(a) The name of the colonel who led the troops into battle.
(b) The outcome of the battle.
(c) The number of men riding into battle.
(d) The year of the battle.

4. What does Geoffrey ask about disciples and their masters?
(a) Should a disciple acknowledge his debt to his master?
(b) Do all disciples receive equal treatment from a master?
(c) Does a master also learn from his disciples?
(d) Is the great writer responsible for his disciples?

5. What does Geoffrey learn about Ed when he meets him at the restaurant?
(a) Ed has married.
(b) Ed has lost the book he hoped to exchange with Geoffrey.
(c) Ed has been fired.
(d) Ed wants to donate materials to the Flaubert museums.

Short Answer Questions

1. What object is the subject of the theater direction quoted in the theatrical history section of the examination?

2. From where does Geoffrey reread the description of the parrot?

3. What objects does Geoffrey Braithwaite, the narrator of "Flaubert's Parrot," describe in the beginning of the book?

4. In quizzing the reader on the subject of economics, what question does Geoffrey want answered?

5. What was the subject of the metaphysical novel Flaubert made plans to write?

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