Flaubert's Parrot Fun Activities

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Write a Letter to the Author

Write a letter to Julian Barnes. Make s few specific comments on "Flaubert's Parrot" and ask the author several thoughtful question about the book.

Compare and Contrast Versions of Flaubert

Read a short biography of Flaubert and compare and contrast it to what you learned about the author in reading "Flaubert's Parrot."

Write Descriptions Based on Pictures

Find photographs or paintings of Gustave Flaubert, Louise Colet, Elisa Schlesinger, and Maxime Du Camp. Write descriptions of each based on the pictures.

Watch a Movie and Comment

Watch a movie version of "Madame Bovary." Write a summary of the movie and a commentary on what elements of the movie recall "Flaubert's Parrot."


Read Flaubert's story "Un coeur simple." Describe the setting, create a list of characters in the story, and prepare a chronology of the events in the story.

Write Diary Entries


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