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Essay Topic 1

Throughout the book, Geoffrey searches for the answer to the mystery of which parrot is authentic as well as the answer to questions which plague him about Flaubert and about himself.

Part 1) Describe Geoffrey's actual search for Flaubert's parrot.

Part 2) Explain what mysteries Geoffrey attempts to explain about Flaubert's life.

Part 3) Explain what questions about himself Geoffrey attempts to answer in his quest.

Essay Topic 2

Women played a major role in Flaubert's life. Explain the impact of each of the following woman on Flaubert's life and/or work: Madame Flaubert, Juliet Herbert, Louise Colet, and Elisa Schlesinger.

Essay Topic 3

"History is always incomplete" is a theme that surfaces repeatedly throughout the novel. Discuss this theme as it applies 1) to Geoffrey's inability to completely know everything he would like to know about Flaubert, and 2) to Geoffrey's inability to know everything about his wife.

Essay Topic 4

Geoffrey says...

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