Flaubert's Parrot Character Descriptions

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Geoffrey Braithwaite - This character is the sixty-one year old narrator of the story.

Flaubert - This character is a nineteenth century author.

Louise - This character is a poet and, although married, has had a number of affairs.

Ellen - This adulterous character's life support was disconnected by a spouse.

Du Camp - This author's friend was a traveling companion and an accessory to the author's affair.

Elisa - This spouse of a music publisher was the subject of an unrequited great passion.

Juliet - This character's correspondence with an author was destroyed.

Ed - This American, who claims to be in possession of incriminating letters, burns them.

Dr. Starkie - This character is a Reader Emeritus at Oxford.

Monsieur Andrieu - This character reveals a possible solution to the mystery of the two different parrots.

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