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Chapter 1, Flaubert's Parrot

• Geoffrey walks around the town of Rouen describing the statues of Flaubert which are in various states of disrepair.

• Geoffrey remembers what the town was like when he first saw it during the war in 1944 and the town had been bombed

• Geoffrey drives to Caen and lunches at a hotel near where his friends died in the war.

• Geoffrey reveals that he had once thought of writing a book himself.
• Geoffrey sees the first stuffed parrot at the Hotel-Dieu where Flaubert's father had been the head surgeon.

• Geoffrey drives to Croisset where Flaubert lived and finds the second stuffed parrot.

• Geoffrey picks up a copy of "Un coeur simple," and rereads the story Flaubert had been writing while the parrot sat on hi desk.

• Geoffrey writes letters to various academics asking about the two parrots.

Chapter 2, Chronology

• Geoffrey writes a chronology about Flaubert's life in...

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