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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does A. Square say about true space?
(a) It is a circle.
(b) It is a line.
(c) It is a square.
(d) It is a plane.

2. What is A. Square's first impression of Spaceland.
(a) It is beautiful.
(b) It is ugly.
(c) It is madness or hell.
(d) It is not real.

3. What are women not taught to do?
(a) Read
(b) Walk
(c) Speak
(d) Drive

4. Why does A. Square call the stranger his "lordship"?
(a) He believes the stranger is the Chief Circle.
(b) He believes the stranger is his boss.
(c) He believes the stranger is a perfect circle.
(d) He believes the stranger is a king.

5. How do the inhabitants of Lineland comprehend distance?
(a) Sound
(b) Touch
(c) Smell
(d) Sight

Short Answer Questions

1. In Spaceland, what is valued highest: intellect, emotion, money, or faith?

2. What is the third deed the stranger does to prove his point of third dimensions?

3. What does the wife originally believe the shape that appears in the house is?

4. What was A. Square's grandson's reward for his work with sight recognition?

5. What directions are A. Square unable to grasp?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does A. Square's wife do to the Circle at the end of the chapter? Why does she become afraid and embarrassed?

2. Why does the Sphere throw A. Square from Spaceland at the end of Chapter 19? Who does Sphere remind you of at this point, and why?

3. Describe the scene between A. Square and his grandson in Chapter 15, and summarize the grandson's argument for a third dimension.

4. Explain the only recognition method used in Flatland, and why touch and sight are not used.

5. Discuss how complacency is viewed by Sphere.

6. The Circle attempts to use an analogy to explain three dimensional space to A. Square in Chapter 16. Summarize this analogy.

7. What situation leads to the taking of A. Square into Spaceland at the end of Chapter 17?

8. Describe what happens that leads to the imprisonment of A. Square.

9. Describe the evolution of Circles, and be sure to include both natural evolution and artificial evolution.

10. What does the grandson hear outside the window in Chapter 21? Why does he become afraid? What does this fear cause him to reject?

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