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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does A. Square believe the straight lines in his dream to be?
(a) Circles pretending to be women
(b) Squares
(c) Triangles
(d) Women

2. What is the first deed the stranger does to prove his point of third dimensions?
(a) Writes the situation out mathematically.
(b) Removes a tablet from a cupboard without opening the door.
(c) Removes dishes from the sink.
(d) Rises above Flatland.

3. What was A. Square's grandson's reward for his work with sight recognition?
(a) A cookie
(b) A song
(c) Money
(d) Hints in geometry

4. What shape does the stranger use to teach about solids?
(a) A triangle
(b) A straight line
(c) A cube
(d) A sphere

5. Who does A. Square decide is fit for his lesson?
(a) His son
(b) His daughter
(c) The Council
(d) His grandson

Short Answer Questions

1. How do individuals in Lineland move?

2. What begins at the end of the chapter?

3. What is believed to cause deviance?

4. What are women not taught to do?

5. What does A. Square do at the end of the chapter?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the Circle attempt to prove in Chapter 17 to A. Square he is telling the truth? Why is this nearly convincing?

2. Describe the evolution of Circles, and be sure to include both natural evolution and artificial evolution.

3. Explain why A. Square had to be sure to be in a certain position in order to speak to the King of Lineland. What would the King have experienced if A. Square had not done this?

4. Why does the Sphere throw A. Square from Spaceland at the end of Chapter 19? Who does Sphere remind you of at this point, and why?

5. Explain why A. Square chooses his grandson to be the student for his lesson about the Fourth Dimension, and why he doesn't choose another student.

6. Explain A. Square's argument that he is now God, and Sphere's rebuttal in Chapter 18.

7. What does A. Square feel is improper regarding the relationship between Circles and Women, and concerning the relationship between men and women in general?

8. The Circle attempts to use an analogy to explain three dimensional space to A. Square in Chapter 16. Summarize this analogy.

9. Describe the Circle Class physically, and in terms of their role in society.

10. Explain how the inhabitant of Pointland views his world.

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