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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what class does the Law of Nature not always apply?
(a) The Priests
(b) The Middle Class
(c) The Tradesmen
(d) The Professionals

2. Why does the State believe that aristocratic children who fail exams should be killed?
(a) They breed with one another and give birth to irregulars.
(b) They cannot work.
(c) They cannot have children.
(d) They are less intelligent.

3. What bill sought to color women and circles the same?
(a) The Spaceland Color bill
(b) The Universal Recognition bill
(c) The Universal Color bill
(d) The Flatland Sight bill

4. What was this movement called?
(a) The Color War
(b) The Color Age
(c) The Color Revolt
(d) The Color Generation

5. What does the "pull" in Flatland represent in Spaceland?
(a) Emotional patterns
(b) Magnetic force
(c) Wind
(d) Gravity

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the author tell the reader to do to mimic Flatland?

2. What does the editor note that A. Square wishes the readers of Flatland would understand?

3. Who was the first person to invent color?

4. What shape are soldiers?

5. What does A. Square say about the aesthetic and artistic aspects of Flatland?

Short Essay Questions

1. Discuss at least two ways the inhabitants of Flatland attempt to alter natural evolution.

2. What was the Universal Color Bill, and why did women support it?

3. What occurred when individuals began to question where light came from?

4. What does the grandson hear outside the window in Chapter 21? Why does he become afraid? What does this fear cause him to reject?

5. What method does A. Square next attempt to use to describe the Fourth Dimension? Why does he find it difficult?

6. Based on the end of the Preface, what is the author attempting to say about the ruling class of his time?

7. Explain the shape of workmen and soldiers, women, the middle class, the professionals, and noblemen, or priests.

8. Explain why A. Square chooses his grandson to be the student for his lesson about the Fourth Dimension, and why he doesn't choose another student.

9. Summarize A. Square's explanation of Flatland.

10. How does A. Square explain the lack of ability to discern changes in retraction or projection in Chapter 1?

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