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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The first law for women is;
(a) They must enter houses on the North side.
(b) They must enter houses on the South side.
(c) They must enter houses on the West side.
(d) They must enter houses on the East side.

2. What two body parts are the same on a woman?
(a) The eye and the mouth
(b) The nose and the mouth
(c) The mouth and the hand
(d) The eye and the hand

3. What method of recognition was no longer taught?
(a) Smell
(b) Hearing
(c) Sight
(d) Touch

4. What happened to those who attempted to discover the source of light in Flatland?
(a) They were successful.
(b) They went insane.
(c) They were arrested.
(d) They died.

5. According to Hoffman, what is the goal of the novel?
(a) To prove the fourth dimension
(b) To entertain
(c) To waste time
(d) To instruct

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the editor say is his second reason for writing the preface?

2. In what year was Flatland written?

3. On what does the civilization of Flatland depend?

4. What do inhabitants of Flatland see?

5. Who was the first person to invent color?

Short Essay Questions

1. The Circle attempts to use an analogy to explain three dimensional space to A. Square in Chapter 16. Summarize this analogy.

2. What is the author's primary defense against the idea that those in Flatland should recognize thickness, and infer a dimension?

3. What situation leads to the taking of A. Square into Spaceland at the end of Chapter 17?

4. Explain the use of color in the military of Flatland.

5. What tools do inhabitants use to discern direction in Flatland?

6. What example does A. Square use to show his reasoning behind the need for regularity of shape?

7. What is the author's primary defense against the idea that A. Square hates women?

8. Explain how sound is used to recognize lower shape classes, and why such a method cannot be used by the upper class.

9. Explain why square and triangular homes are not allowed. In addition, explain why government buildings are allowed to be triangular.

10. What method does A. Square next attempt to use to describe the Fourth Dimension? Why does he find it difficult?

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