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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What directions are A. Square unable to grasp?
(a) North and South
(b) Up and Down
(c) Right and Left
(d) East and West

2. How is the regularity of women monitored?
(a) By pedigrees
(b) Through annual visits
(c) Through feeling
(d) Through their own word

3. What begins at the end of the chapter?
(a) The first millennium
(b) The fourth millennium
(c) The third millennium
(d) The second millennium

4. What does A. Square tell his wife has happened?
(a) He tells her of Spaceland.
(b) He says he fell.
(c) He says he was dreaming.
(d) He ignores her.

5. What is A. Square's first impression of Spaceland.
(a) It is madness or hell.
(b) It is beautiful.
(c) It is ugly.
(d) It is not real.

6. What prohibits A. Square's student from learning?
(a) The knowledge of mathematics needed
(b) The laws of nature
(c) The proclamation by the Council
(d) The level of intelligence needed

7. What does the Sphere admit at the end of the chapter?
(a) He was wrong to be angry at A. Square for his questions.
(b) He is only a dream.
(c) He was wrong, and has discovered the fourth dimension.
(d) He is really a circle from Flatland.

8. What does A. Square fear about this lack of training?
(a) The result will be a lack of communication.
(b) The result will be more accidents in the home.
(c) The result will be more public accidents.
(d) The result will be a lesser male intellect.

9. What does A. Square believe the straight lines in his dream to be?
(a) Circles pretending to be women
(b) Women
(c) Triangles
(d) Squares

10. What does the small creature of Pointland believe A. Square's voice to be?
(a) The voice of the Sphere
(b) Nothing, since he doesn't hear it
(c) The voice of God
(d) His own

11. What do those in power actually do?
(a) Everything
(b) All things relating to religion
(c) Nothing
(d) All things relating to government

12. Where does A. Square asked to be taken, after the stranger's explanation of those who believe in the fourth dimension?
(a) Higher Spaceland
(b) Pointland
(c) Thoughtland
(d) Lineland

13. What is the average perimeter of a circle?
(a) Five feet
(b) Twenty feet
(c) Three feet
(d) Two feet

14. How does the stranger defend his idea that omnipotence is not a quality of Gods?
(a) Because God's do not exist.
(b) Because if it were, the criminals of Spaceland would be the Gods of Flatland.
(c) Because if it were, no one would be God.
(d) Because if it were, everyone in Flatland would be a God.

15. What does the stranger threaten he will do if A. Square does not let go?
(a) He will take him to Lineland.
(b) He will kill him.
(c) He will take him to Spaceland.
(d) He will take him to Pointland.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was A. Square's grandson's reward for his work with sight recognition?

2. What does A. Square ask for that he cannot be shown?

3. How do the inhabitants of Lineland comprehend distance?

4. What happens as the race of circles climbs higher in development?

5. What does A. Square do at the end of the chapter?

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