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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the average perimeter of a circle?
(a) Two feet
(b) Three feet
(c) Twenty feet
(d) Five feet

2. What is A. Square's first impression of Spaceland.
(a) It is madness or hell.
(b) It is beautiful.
(c) It is not real.
(d) It is ugly.

3. What does A. Square do at the end of the chapter?
(a) Cries.
(b) Understands the lesson.
(c) Attacks the stranger.
(d) Leaves the room.

4. What does the Sphere point out about being self-content?
(a) It equals strength.
(b) It equals ignorance.
(c) It equals stupidity.
(d) It equals happiness.

5. How does the stranger defend his idea that omnipotence is not a quality of Gods?
(a) Because if it were, everyone in Flatland would be a God.
(b) Because if it were, no one would be God.
(c) Because if it were, the criminals of Spaceland would be the Gods of Flatland.
(d) Because God's do not exist.

6. What changes A. Square's mind about who to educate first?
(a) He is afraid of imprisonment.
(b) He cannot seem to recall the information as clearly.
(c) He realizes women are too dim to understand.
(d) He is afraid of divorce.

7. What does A. Square point out about the King's space?
(a) It is a circle.
(b) It is a line.
(c) It is a plane.
(d) It is a square.

8. What is believed to cause deviance?
(a) A sense of rejection
(b) Irregular shape
(c) Upbringing
(d) Lower class status

9. How do individuals in Lineland move?
(a) Only right to left.
(b) In a single directional line.
(c) Only up and down.
(d) They can move anywhere.

10. What prohibits A. Square's student from learning?
(a) The laws of nature
(b) The proclamation by the Council
(c) The knowledge of mathematics needed
(d) The level of intelligence needed

11. How does marriage occur in Lineland?
(a) When a woman's voice matches with that of two men.
(b) When a man's voice matches with that of two women.
(c) Marriage doesn't happen in Lineland.
(d) When two individuals fall in love.

12. What fear does the stranger have as A. Square calls for help?
(a) The others will not believe him.
(b) The others will kill him.
(c) That others will see the Third Dimension.
(d) The others will imprison him.

13. What does the small creature of Pointland believe A. Square's voice to be?
(a) His own
(b) The voice of God
(c) The voice of the Sphere
(d) Nothing, since he doesn't hear it

14. What does A. Square discover about the stranger when he is allowed to feel his body?
(a) The stranger is a straight line.
(b) The stranger has no angles.
(c) The stranger has many angles.
(d) The stranger has no shape.

15. What do those in power actually do?
(a) Everything
(b) Nothing
(c) All things relating to government
(d) All things relating to religion

Short Answer Questions

1. Upon waking, who does A. Square plan to educate about dimensions?

2. What begins at the end of the chapter?

3. Where does A. Square asked to be taken, after the stranger's explanation of those who believe in the fourth dimension?

4. How does A. Square attempt to prove he can see in Lineland?

5. What class is most likely to marry a woman with irregular ancestry?

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