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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the inhabitants of Lineland comprehend distance?
(a) Smell
(b) Sound
(c) Touch
(d) Sight

2. Why does A. Square become saddened?
(a) He cannot visualize a cube.
(b) He cannot visualize a sphere.
(c) His wife dies.
(d) He realizes he is a two dimensional object.

3. How does A. Square attack the stranger?
(a) With his hardest right angle
(b) With his hands
(c) With a knife
(d) With a gun

4. What does A. Square discover about the stranger when he is allowed to feel his body?
(a) The stranger has no shape.
(b) The stranger has many angles.
(c) The stranger has no angles.
(d) The stranger is a straight line.

5. What happens to A. Square when he finally tells of his adventures?
(a) He is brought before students to teach.
(b) He is arrested and taken before the Council.
(c) He is imprisoned for life.
(d) He is believed to be a God.

6. Where does A. Square first see Lineland?
(a) In a book
(b) In a dream
(c) In a movie
(d) In his reflection

7. What do all inhabitants of Lineland see?
(a) A single point
(b) Lines and points
(c) Shapes
(d) Nothing

8. How does A. Square next attempt to explain the third dimension?
(a) Through demonstration
(b) Through personal experience
(c) Through speech
(d) Through writing

9. What does A. Square's wife yell at A. Square for in this chapter?
(a) Disrespecting the Chief Circle
(b) Disrespecting her
(c) Disrespecting himself
(d) Disrespecting his grandson

10. What shape does the stranger use to teach about solids?
(a) A triangle
(b) A sphere
(c) A straight line
(d) A cube

11. What is a circle in Flatland?
(a) A term for anyone higher than a triangle
(b) A polygon with many sides
(c) A term for anyone higher than a woman
(d) A true circle, with no sides

12. What fear does the stranger have as A. Square calls for help?
(a) The others will kill him.
(b) The others will not believe him.
(c) The others will imprison him.
(d) That others will see the Third Dimension.

13. How is the regularity of women monitored?
(a) Through their own word
(b) Through feeling
(c) By pedigrees
(d) Through annual visits

14. What does A. Square fear about this lack of training?
(a) The result will be a lesser male intellect.
(b) The result will be more public accidents.
(c) The result will be more accidents in the home.
(d) The result will be a lack of communication.

15. How does the stranger defend his idea that omnipotence is not a quality of Gods?
(a) Because if it were, everyone in Flatland would be a God.
(b) Because God's do not exist.
(c) Because if it were, the criminals of Spaceland would be the Gods of Flatland.
(d) Because if it were, no one would be God.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do individuals in Lineland move?

2. At the end of the chapter, what does A. Square hear that the Council does to individuals who speak of the Third dimension?

3. What does A. Square tell his wife has happened?

4. Why is deception not a problem in Lineland?

5. Where does A. Square travel in his dream?

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