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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Hoffman, what is the goal of the novel?
(a) To instruct
(b) To prove the fourth dimension
(c) To waste time
(d) To entertain

2. What physical trait makes women in Flatland dangerous?
(a) They are pointed on both ends.
(b) They are very strong.
(c) They have three pointed sides.
(d) They are very smart.

3. What does Hoffman say about the characters of Flatland?
(a) They are unbelievable.
(b) They are not interesting.
(c) They are well rounded.
(d) They are unnecessary.

4. What can inhabitants of Flatland NOT do?
(a) Rise above or beneath the surface
(b) Move south
(c) Move north
(d) Move sideways

5. What happens to the most irregular shapes?
(a) They are killed.
(b) They are allowed into public office.
(c) They are allowed to marry into a higher class.
(d) They are imprisoned.

6. What do upper class women do that lower class women try to imitate?
(a) Dance with rhythm
(b) Move their heads with rhythm
(c) Move their backsides with rhythm
(d) Sing with rhythm

7. What does the editor compare Flatland's third dimension to in Spaceland?
(a) The fifth dimension
(b) The fourth dimension
(c) The second dimension
(d) The first dimension

8. What does the State do with smaller angle specimens used for teaching tools?
(a) They are paid well.
(b) They are used as food for higher angle specimens.
(c) They are dissected.
(d) They are not fed, and thus killed.

9. Where are higher class youths sent for education?
(a) Spaceland
(b) Military schools
(c) Seminaries
(d) State schools

10. What shape are professional men?
(a) Squares or Pentagons
(b) Circles
(c) Hexagons
(d) Equilateral or Isosceles triangles

11. What does the shape of women prevent?
(a) Walking
(b) Swimming
(c) Childbirth
(d) Spontaneous passion

12. What work are irregular shapes allowed to have?
(a) Tradesmen
(b) Government positions
(c) Doctors
(d) Teachers

13. After the war, who is still allowed to make color?
(a) The Chief Circle
(b) Criminals
(c) The intellectuals
(d) Women

14. What shape are the middle class members?
(a) Equilateral triangles
(b) Squares
(c) Straight lines
(d) Isosceles triangles

15. What happens to a line as it gets further away in Flatland?
(a) It gets smaller.
(b) It gets larger.
(c) It gets thinner.
(d) It gets thicker.

Short Answer Questions

1. What shape of houses is not allowed?

2. What happens to the trade man in the author's example of problems with irregular shapes?

3. What does the "pull" in Flatland represent in Spaceland?

4. What shape are nobility members?

5. What does Hoffman say about the first three dimensions?

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