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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Pantocyclus tell the workmen they would have to accept?
(a) Their ambitions for higher classes would be abolished.
(b) Their ambitions for military work would be abolished.
(c) Their ambitions for public office would be abolished.
(d) Their ambitions for priesthood would be abolished.

2. What does Hoffman say is the fourth dimension?
(a) Space
(b) Movement
(c) Time
(d) Sound

3. Where are readers assumed to live?
(a) Pointland
(b) Spaceland
(c) Timeland
(d) Earthland

4. What group showed the most amazing display of color?
(a) Circles
(b) The Woman
(c) Intellectuals
(d) The Military

5. What physical trait makes women in Flatland dangerous?
(a) They are pointed on both ends.
(b) They are very smart.
(c) They have three pointed sides.
(d) They are very strong.

6. What bill sought to color women and circles the same?
(a) The Spaceland Color bill
(b) The Flatland Sight bill
(c) The Universal Color bill
(d) The Universal Recognition bill

7. What does Hoffman say about the characters of Flatland?
(a) They are unbelievable.
(b) They are well rounded.
(c) They are unnecessary.
(d) They are not interesting.

8. What does Hoffman say about the first three dimensions?
(a) They are temporal.
(b) They are spatial.
(c) They are stable.
(d) They are unstable.

9. What is irregularity considered in Flatland?
(a) Immoral and criminal
(b) A way to achieve a higher class
(c) A character flaw
(d) A rarity to be praised

10. Why is touching on occasion inaccurate?
(a) All angles feel the same.
(b) It is easy to confuse Isosceles triangles with Equilateral triangles.
(c) It is easy to confuse a square with a triangle.
(d) It is easy to confuse a ten-sided shape with a twelve-sided shape.

11. What is the third unrecognized dimension in Flatland?
(a) Height
(b) Time
(c) Space
(d) Weight

12. What happens to a man who "runs against" a woman?
(a) He immediately kills her.
(b) He falls in love instantly.
(c) He is put into prison.
(d) He is killed immediately.

13. What happens to the trade man in the author's example of problems with irregular shapes?
(a) He is stuck in a doorway.
(b) He is put into prison.
(c) He is killed.
(d) He is unable to move.

14. What does the Equilateral triangle look like in Flatland?
(a) A curved line
(b) A straight line
(c) A single point
(d) An Equilateral triangle

15. What can men do when women are in their apartments?
(a) They can only speak.
(b) Anything, since the woman won't remember it.
(c) Nothing, since they are inaccessible to men.
(d) They can only touch the woman.

Short Answer Questions

1. What army did the Isosceles defeat?

2. What power do women have in Flatland that makes them even more deadly?

3. To what class does the Law of Nature not always apply?

4. Who is Pantocyclus?

5. What was this movement called?

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