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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 18, How I Came to Spaceland and What I Saw There.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How can inhabitants conceive of angles?
(a) They understand the mathematics behind them.
(b) They see them.
(c) They don't understand angles.
(d) They infer them.

2. What does A. Square say about the laws regarding irregulars?
(a) They are for the good of society.
(b) They are unlikely to help society.
(c) They are unsafe and create problems.
(d) They are brutal and unfair.

3. According to Hoffman, what is the goal of the novel?
(a) To entertain
(b) To waste time
(c) To instruct
(d) To prove the fourth dimension

4. Why does the author call the land he writes about Flatland?
(a) Because that is what locals call it
(b) Because it is flat
(c) To make it easier for him to write about
(d) To make it easier to distinguish for readers

5. How does A. Square attempt to prove he can see in Lineland?
(a) By explaining that he can see lines and points.
(b) By explaining the number of each sex next to the king.
(c) By describing a straight line.
(d) By describing a circle.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is believed to cause deviance?

2. What do all inhabitants of Lineland see?

3. What shape are professional men?

4. How does A. Square attack the stranger?

5. What does Hoffman admit Abbott succeeded in defeating?

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