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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2, Of the Climate and Houses in Flatland.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hoffman say about the characters of Flatland?
(a) They are well rounded.
(b) They are unnecessary.
(c) They are not interesting.
(d) They are unbelievable.

2. What does the editor defend against at the end of the preface?
(a) The author's presentation of Pentagons
(b) The author's presentation of Circles
(c) The author's presentation of Squares
(d) The author's presentation of Triangles

3. How did the Legislature finally stop individuals from trying to find the source of light in Flatland?
(a) They told them the light was from God.
(b) They prohibited the question entirely.
(c) They taxed them until they stopped asking questions.
(d) They sent those who questioned to prison.

4. What can inhabitants of Flatland NOT do?
(a) Move sideways
(b) Rise above or beneath the surface
(c) Move north
(d) Move south

5. What was Edwin Abbott's occupation?
(a) Writer
(b) Mathematician
(c) Headmaster
(d) Plumber

Short Answer Questions

1. What object that helps sight in Spaceland does not exist in Flatland?

2. From which direction does rain fall?

3. What does Hoffman admit Abbott succeeded in defeating?

4. What does the "pull" in Flatland represent in Spaceland?

5. What does the editor say is the first objection to the novel?

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