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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5, Of Our Methods of Recognizing One Another.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What power do women have in Flatland that makes them even more deadly?
(a) They can change into other forms.
(b) They can see further than any other form.
(c) They can make themselves invisible.
(d) They can move very quickly.

2. What is the most common form of house construction in Flatland?
(a) Square
(b) Triangle
(c) Circle
(d) Pentagon

3. What object that helps sight in Spaceland does not exist in Flatland?
(a) Glasses
(b) Eyes
(c) Sun
(d) Darkness

4. The third law for women is:
(a) Any female who speaks out against a man is immediately killed.
(b) Any female found in public is immediately killed.
(c) Any female with involuntary actions is to be immediately killed.
(d) Any female found to be infertile is immediately killed.

5. Why is touching on occasion inaccurate?
(a) It is easy to confuse a ten-sided shape with a twelve-sided shape.
(b) All angles feel the same.
(c) It is easy to confuse Isosceles triangles with Equilateral triangles.
(d) It is easy to confuse a square with a triangle.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is hearing only used on occasion as a recognition method?

2. What is the editor's defense of the first objection?

3. What happens to a line as it gets closer in Flatland?

4. What is a man expected to do when meeting a woman on the street?

5. The author notes these individuals have a similar experience in Spaceland that helps explain what things look like in Flatland.

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