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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12, Of the Doctrines of our Priests.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What allows this method to be possible?
(a) Snow
(b) Fog
(c) Rain
(d) Light

2. What object that helps sight in Spaceland does not exist in Flatland?
(a) Eyes
(b) Glasses
(c) Darkness
(d) Sun

3. What is the third form of recognition in Flatland?
(a) Smell
(b) Sight
(c) Hearing
(d) Touch

4. What happens to a line as it gets closer in Flatland?
(a) It gets larger.
(b) It gets thicker.
(c) It gets thinner.
(d) It gets smaller.

5. What is customary for women in upper class homes to do at all times?
(a) Face their husbands
(b) Never leave their apartments
(c) Never leave the house
(d) Never speak to their husbands

Short Answer Questions

1. What can men do when women are in their apartments?

2. What can inhabitants of Flatland NOT do?

3. What class does the Equilateral triangle represent?

4. What does A. Square fear about this lack of training?

5. What power do women have in Flatland that makes them even more deadly?

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