Objects & Places from Flatland

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Flatland - This place is the two dimensional land of A. Square.

Lineland - This location is the land of one dimension.

Spaceland - This area is the three dimensional home of Sphere.

Pointland - This is the land of no dimension.

Fourth Dimension - This world, unseen by anyone in the novel, is assumed to exist simply because of mathematical certainty by A. Square, but refuted at first by Sphere.

Victorian Aristocracy - This concept is the template for the society of Flatland in the novel.

Solid - This object is a three dimensional object existing in Spaceland, such as the sphere.

Cube - This object is a three dimensional representation of a square.

Color Revolt - This event involved the lower classes painting themselves specific colors.

Irregular - This object is a form whose configuration is not that of a standard shape.

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