Flatland Character Descriptions

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A. Square

This is the narrator of the story.


As a member of Spaceland, this character enters Flatland to show the main character another dimension.


These characters are straight lines and are considered the lowest of classes.

Isosceles Triangles

These characters are the soldiers and lowest class of workmen in Flatland, as well as the criminal class.

Equilateral Triangles

Considered to be the middle class, these characters are the first class of the Flatland system considered worthwhile, though not necessary.

Squares and Pentagons

This class of individuals in Flatland represents the professionals of the land.


These characters represent the nobility class.


As the highest class of figures in Flatland, these characters represent the administration of society.

The King of Lineland

Unable to grasp the concept of directional length, this character explains in a dream the fundamental principles of Lineland.

The Creature of Pointland


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