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• The novel was first published in 1884.

• Edwin Abbott, the author, was a headmaster whose field was classic literature.

• The novel is not only an explanation of dimensional space, but also of the Victorian society.

Preface to the Second and Revised Edition, 1884

• Abbott defends his dimensional theory in terms of height perception by noting that without brightness, thickness is immeasurable.

• Abbott defends his negative presentation of women in the novel through his acknowledgment that woman are viewed in his society as useless.

• Abbott defends his negative presentation of priests by showing the aristocratic power of these individuals throughout history has been used to sway the people.

Chapter 1, Of the Nature of Flatland

• The main character, A. Square, is introduced.

• Flatland is described as flat, like a piece of paper, where inhabitants move freely on the paper, but cannot rise above or below.

• All inhabitants of Flatland appear to...

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