Flashback: A Brief History of Film Fun Activities

Louis Giannetti
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The Innovator

Write a brief screenplay in your favorite film style. This could be anything from Surrealism, Expressionism, Neorealism, Angry Young Man, Dadaism, etc. Make sure to research the film style. Include a short paper that explain how your screenplay fits into that style. The plot and characters are entirely up to you - be as creative as you want!

Back In History . . .

Present the class with a detailed timeline that discusses the important times since the introduction of cinema by use of whatever influential film was released. For example, could the late sixties have been defined by "2001: A Space Odyssey"? Be prepared to explain your decisions in films. This presentation may be done in manner you wish, particularly in regards to multimedia.

If You Tell A Big Enough Lie . . .

Research the psychological effects of propaganda. Create a presentation for the class that details the goals and effects...

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