Flashback: A Brief History of Film Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Louis Giannetti
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Chapter Abstracts

* Eadward Muybridge photographed a horse mid-gallop to settle the debate as to whether all of a horse's feet left the ground at once.

* Jean Louis Meissonier converted these photos into silhouettes and used them to create the illusion of movement by projection through a Zoetrope.

* Thomas Edison and William Dickson developed the Kinetoscope, the first moving picture machine, which led Edison to open up a parlor to showcase the invention.

* The popularity of the Kinetoscope led to artists experimenting with special effects, acting, and story lines, leading to the creation of the Film D'Art in 1908.

* David Wark Griffith made the act of film-making political with the creation of the Patent Company.

* William Fox and Carl Laemmle led the exodus of filmmakers from New York to California in order to escape the restrictions of the Patent Company, which eventually dissolved.

* In...

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