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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Yakov pretend to be from when confronted by the boatman?
(a) Kiev.
(b) Poland.
(c) Latvia.
(d) Germany.

2. Before the secret police member leaves Yakov's cell, what does he leave behind with Yakov?
(a) A Bible.
(b) A confession form.
(c) A consent form.
(d) A questionnaire.

3. As Yakov is being transported to court for his indictment, what does he fantasize about while riding on the trolley?
(a) Being freed.
(b) Speaking to an attorney.
(c) Killing the onlookers.
(d) Escaping from his captors.

4. In Chapter 6, Part 4, what is the name of the guard who is on Yakov's side?
(a) Shenzen.
(b) Deuliv.
(c) Zhitnyak.
(d) Gronfein.

5. What is the original charge that the man in charge of the investigation will bring against Yakov?
(a) Living in a non-Jewish neighborhood.
(b) Murder.
(c) Child molestation.
(d) Lying under oath.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Yakov use to keep track of the days in his cell?

2. When Yakov is taken to the infirmary, who does he learn has been shot for disobeying a guard?

3. While sitting in his cell reflecting on his circumstances in Chapter 6, Part 9, how does Yakov feel about his fate?

4. Even though Yakov is desperately ill and not allowed access to the prison hospital, the prison doctor does tell him how to be cured. What is the doctor's advice?

5. Back in his cell after the indictment farce in court, what does Yakov compare his scenario to?

Short Essay Questions

1. During an exercise recess, Yakov is told that the other prisoners do not like him. Why not?

2. Why doesn't Yakov want the authorities to win if he should happen to die a "nameless Jew"?

3. Why does Yakov stop keeping track of the days?

4. According to Yakov's visitor in prison, why is he known as the "nameless Jew"?

5. When the prosecutor visits Yakov, what does he tell Yakov to have the Jews stop doing?

6. As the man in charge of the investigation questions Yakov, why does Yakov begin to feign ignorance and not answer the man's questions?

7. Why does the prisoner sent to talk to Yakov eventually end up apologizing to Yakov?

8. What does Yakov think about as he rides in the carriage to the courthouse?

9. Describe the scene from Yakov's childhood that gives him nightmares.

10. After refusing the pardon, Yakov decides that things are never truly as bad as they can get. Why does Yakov decide that?

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