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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Yakov is taken back to prison, he is shown a book that some of the officials are developing. What is the book's topic?
(a) Jewish psychological games.
(b) Jewish prayers and customs.
(c) Jewish physical characteristics.
(d) Jewish evil magic spells.

2. What is the name of the fat man who shares his packages from the outside with the other prisoners?
(a) Randolph.
(b) Bibikov.
(c) Shmuel.
(d) Gronfein.

3. What language is Yakov speaking exclusively since leaving the shtetl?
(a) Yiddish.
(b) Russian.
(c) Latvian.
(d) German.

4. After the winter finally ends, Yakov is desperate to relieve his boredom. What does Yakov do?
(a) Writes letters to his ex-wife.
(b) Engages the guards in philosophical discussions.
(c) Makes pencils from the stove ashes.
(d) Opens one of the phylacteries.

5. After the prisoner sent to talk to Yakov tells him he is a murderer, what does the other prisoner do?
(a) He beats Yakov.
(b) He humiliates Yakov.
(c) He vilifies Yakov.
(d) He laughs at Yakov.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the original charge that the man in charge of the investigation will bring against Yakov?

2. After reading the indictment and the evidence against Yakov, what does the prosecutor also accuse Yakov of?

3. When Bibikov comes to the prison to question Yakov, who does Bibikov believe is actually Yakov's greatest enemy?

4. As Yakov reflects on his time with Raisl, how does he characterize their early life together?

5. One month after his arrest, Yakov is taken from the original prison to another location with priests and secret police members in tow. Where is Yakov taken?

Short Essay Questions

1. When spring arrives, a visitor comes to the prison to comfort Yakov. Why does the visitor come?

2. Why does Yakov hate living in the Jewish neighborhood in Kiev?

3. As Yakov shivers in his cell in deepest despair, how does he view himself in relationship to the Tsar?

4. As Yakov imagines talking to the Tsar, how does Yakov answer the Tsar's question about whether Yakov has been taught anything by his suffering?

5. When Yakov reads the propaganda circulating against the Jews, why does he grow uneasy?

6. Why does Yakov suspect that the prosecutor has included the tales of molestation in the indictment?

7. Why does Yakov steel himself to live instead of wanting to die?

8. Explain Bibikov's theory regarding Zhenia's murder.

9. As winter nears, Yakov hopes to be indicted. Why?

10. Why is Yakov moved by the stories he reads about Jesus?

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