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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what prison does the prosecutor send Yakov while Yakov is awaiting trials?
(a) Kiev prison.
(b) Warsaw prison.
(c) Moscow prison.
(d) Henrush prison.

2. According to the boy's mother, what does Zhenia see when he looks in Yakov's apartment?
(a) A cache of weapons.
(b) Bottles of blood.
(c) Piles of money.
(d) Robes of a rabbi.

3. What is the mother's name of the boy Yakov is accused of killing?
(a) Darma.
(b) Farma.
(c) Marda.
(d) Marfa.

4. While Yakov is being interrogated, two men arrive at the interrogation room and are invited inside. Who are these men?
(a) The warden and the priest.
(b) The colonel and the priest.
(c) The prosecutor and the warden.
(d) The prosecutor and the colonel.

5. What does the fat man who shares his packages from the outside with the other prisoners offer to do for Yakov once the fat man is released from the prison?
(a) Send for help.
(b) Mail a letter.
(c) Pay for an attorney.
(d) Smuggle in drugs.

Short Answer Questions

1. When spring arrives, what is Yakov still lacking?

2. What language is Yakov speaking exclusively since leaving the shtetl?

3. What does the crowd see when the people finally stop running?

4. When Nikolai offers Yakov another position after Yakov fixes up the apartment, what is the position that Nikolai offers to Yakov?

5. One day during the dreary Russian winter, Yakov loses his cool in his cell. What does he do?

Short Essay Questions

1. When spring arrives, a visitor comes to the prison to comfort Yakov. Why does the visitor come?

2. According to what Marfa has written, what should Yakov do in order for everything to be set right?

3. After Yakov is discovered digging at the concrete and becomes despondent, he finally realizes something that the officials want. What do the officials want?

4. After refusing the pardon, Yakov decides that things are never truly as bad as they can get. Why does Yakov decide that?

5. When Yakov is returned to prison and then meets with the prosecutor, the prosecutor offers him a lighter sentence in return for what?

6. Why does the prisoner sent to talk to Yakov eventually end up apologizing to Yakov?

7. Why does Yakov hate living in the Jewish neighborhood in Kiev?

8. After Yakov's chains are removed and he is waiting to meet with his new attorney, what is Yakov wondering about?

9. When Yakov shares his story regarding why he is being held in prison, why do his cellmates beat him?

10. As Yakov's hallucinations become regular, what does he have trouble figuring out?

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