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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much money does Nikolai offer to Yakov if Yakov will fix up an apartment that Nikolai owns?
(a) 60 rubles.
(b) 100 rubles.
(c) 25 rubles.
(d) 40 rubles.

2. What is the name of the secret police member who introduces himself to Yakov as the man in charge of the investigation?
(a) Zhenia.
(b) Bibikov.
(c) Proshko.
(d) Fetyukov.

3. What is the sentence carried by the original charge that the man in charge of the investigation will bring against Yakov?
(a) Three months in prison.
(b) Three years in prison.
(c) One year in prison.
(d) One month in prison.

4. In Chapter 6, Part 4, what is the name of the guard who is on Yakov's side?
(a) Shenzen.
(b) Gronfein.
(c) Zhitnyak.
(d) Deuliv.

5. While Yakov is being interrogated, two men arrive at the interrogation room and are invited inside. Who are these men?
(a) The warden and the priest.
(b) The prosecutor and the colonel.
(c) The prosecutor and the warden.
(d) The colonel and the priest.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who begins to visit Yakov's cell in the middle of winter in order to obtain body samples?

2. As Yakov begins to think he's going mad, whose ghost does he see?

3. How much money does the boatman offer to ferry Yakov across the river?

4. When the man in charge of the investigation denies Yakov's request for an attorney, what is Yakov told that he will need?

5. Who does Bibikov travel to see on Yakov's behalf in hopes of having Yakov's case dismissed?

Short Essay Questions

1. After refusing the pardon, Yakov decides that things are never truly as bad as they can get. Why does Yakov decide that?

2. Why doesn't Yakov want the authorities to win if he should happen to die a "nameless Jew"?

3. During an exercise recess, Yakov is told that the other prisoners do not like him. Why not?

4. Why does the prisoner sent to talk to Yakov eventually end up apologizing to Yakov?

5. When Yakov is offered a pardon by the Tsar, why does Yakov refuse the pardon?

6. As Bibikov continues to question Yakov, Bibikov confesses that he is living in fear. Why?

7. What does Yakov think about as he rides in the carriage to the courthouse?

8. When spring arrives, a visitor comes to the prison to comfort Yakov. What does the visitor tell Yakov he must do in order to be released from the prison?

9. As Yakov imagines talking to the Tsar, how does Yakov answer the Tsar's question about whether Yakov has been taught anything by his suffering?

10. When spring arrives, a visitor comes to the prison to comfort Yakov. Why does the visitor come?

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