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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who begins to visit Yakov's cell in the middle of winter in order to obtain body samples?
(a) The warden.
(b) The deputy warden.
(c) The colonel.
(d) The head guard.

2. When Yakov happens upon an old injured Jewish man while returning from shopping, where does Yakov take the injured man?
(a) To Yakov's apartment.
(b) To the injured man's apartment.
(c) To the synagogue.
(d) To the hospital.

3. What does Zhitnyak sneak into Yakov after his escape-from-boredom materials are confiscated?
(a) A Koran.
(b) A Torah.
(c) A New Testament.
(d) A newspaper.

4. When Yakov envisions himself wresting with the Tsar, they continue to wrestle until the Tsar declares himself to be __________________.
(a) A demon from hell.
(b) All powerful.
(c) An angel of God.
(d) The winner.

5. As Yakov begins to think he's going mad, whose ghost does he see?
(a) Bibikov.
(b) Gronfein.
(c) Shmuel.
(d) Zhenia.

6. What colors does Proshko say are the flames of the fire that Yakov is accused of setting?
(a) Yellow and red.
(b) Yellow and green.
(c) Blue and yellow.
(d) Green and blue.

7. What offense does Proshko accuse Yakov of when he gives his statement to the secret police?
(a) Smuggling drugs.
(b) Stealing from Nikolai.
(c) Helping the Jews.
(d) Murdering Nikolai's assistant.

8. Before the secret police member leaves Yakov's cell, what does he leave behind with Yakov?
(a) A questionnaire.
(b) A Bible.
(c) A confession form.
(d) A consent form.

9. What is the name of the fat man who shares his packages from the outside with the other prisoners?
(a) Randolph.
(b) Bibikov.
(c) Shmuel.
(d) Gronfein.

10. When Bibikov comes to the prison to question Yakov, who does Bibikov believe is actually responsible for Zhenia's murder?
(a) Yakov.
(b) Marfa.
(c) Gronfein.
(d) Shmuel.

11. To what prison does the prosecutor send Yakov while Yakov is awaiting trials?
(a) Henrush prison.
(b) Moscow prison.
(c) Kiev prison.
(d) Warsaw prison.

12. With nothing to do in his cell, Yakov pieces together bits of something that he recites in his cell. What does he piece together?
(a) Commandments.
(b) Laws.
(c) Psalms.
(d) Prayers.

13. What is the name of the secret police member who introduces himself to Yakov as the man in charge of the investigation?
(a) Zhenia.
(b) Proshko.
(c) Fetyukov.
(d) Bibikov.

14. What does Raisl always beg Yakov to do?
(a) Move to Kiev.
(b) Flee Russia.
(c) Have children.
(d) Accept her father.

15. As Yakov runs around his cell screaming, who finally tells him to shut up?
(a) The deputy warden.
(b) Kogin.
(c) Zhitnyak.
(d) The warden.

Short Answer Questions

1. After the winter finally ends, Yakov is desperate to relieve his boredom. What does Yakov do?

2. How much money does the boatman offer to ferry Yakov across the river?

3. While sitting in his cell reflecting on his circumstances in Chapter 6, Part 9, how does Yakov feel about his fate?

4. Even though Yakov is desperately ill and not allowed access to the prison hospital, the prison doctor does tell him how to be cured. What is the doctor's advice?

5. One night, Yakov wakes up from a nightmare and realizes why he is so sick. Why?

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