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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the prisoner sent to talk to Yakov?
(a) Josiah.
(b) Siminic.
(c) Fetyukov.
(d) Bibikov.

2. Who does Bibikov travel to see on Yakov's behalf in hopes of having Yakov's case dismissed?
(a) The Minister of Justice.
(b) The Minister of State.
(c) The Minister of Defense.
(d) The Minister of Law.

3. Before the secret police member leaves Yakov's cell, what does he leave behind with Yakov?
(a) A consent form.
(b) A confession form.
(c) A questionnaire.
(d) A Bible.

4. According to Yakov, what does he believe the boy saw in Yakov's apartment?
(a) Raspberry jam.
(b) Monopoly money.
(c) His bathrobe.
(d) A gun catalog.

5. When Nikolai offers Yakov another position after Yakov fixes up the apartment, what is the position that Nikolai offers to Yakov?
(a) A maintenance man.
(b) A security guard.
(c) A foreman.
(d) A bookkeeper.

6. What does the fat man who shares his packages from the outside with the other prisoners offer to do for Yakov once the fat man is released from the prison?
(a) Mail a letter.
(b) Smuggle in drugs.
(c) Pay for an attorney.
(d) Send for help.

7. After reading the indictment and the evidence against Yakov, what does the prosecutor also accuse Yakov of?
(a) Beating his guard.
(b) Confessing in his sleep.
(c) Threatening the warden.
(d) Attempting to escape.

8. When the author describes the wind rushing through Yakov's cell, what does he liken the wind to?
(a) An evil bird.
(b) A cold finger.
(c) A rushing torrent.
(d) An evil curse.

9. When Yakov is being shown the officials' book, what do the officials point out in the book that resembles Yakov?
(a) An earlobe.
(b) An ear curl.
(c) A nose.
(d) A wizard.

10. When a drunken guard accidentally leaves Yakov's cell door unlocked, Yakov ventures out and comes upon a hanged man. Who is the man?
(a) Fetyukov.
(b) Gronfein.
(c) Shmuel.
(d) Bibikov.

11. When Bibikov comes to the prison to question Yakov, who does Bibikov believe is actually Yakov's greatest enemy?
(a) The head guard.
(b) The prosecutor.
(c) The colonel.
(d) The warden.

12. When Yakov responds by pointing out something in the officials' book that he thinks resembles the prosecutor, how does the official respond?
(a) With chagrin.
(b) With threats.
(c) With violence.
(d) With laughter.

13. When one of the guards takes pity on Yakov, what does Yakov suddenly have?
(a) Visitors.
(b) A new blanket.
(c) Shoes.
(d) Meat.

14. Back in his cell after the indictment farce in court, what does Yakov compare his scenario to?
(a) Voodoo.
(b) A black horse.
(c) A bad talisman.
(d) An evil curse.

15. What colors does Proshko say are the flames of the fire that Yakov is accused of setting?
(a) Blue and yellow.
(b) Yellow and red.
(c) Yellow and green.
(d) Green and blue.

Short Answer Questions

1. Before going to join the running crowd, what does Yakov do?

2. What does Raisl always beg Yakov to do?

3. One month after his arrest, Yakov is taken from the original prison to another location with priests and secret police members in tow. Where is Yakov taken?

4. What offense does Proshko accuse Yakov of when he gives his statement to the secret police?

5. The boy's mother identifies Yakov as the man who chased her son. What does she say Yakov was chasing her son with?

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