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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Yakov responds by pointing out something in the officials' book that he thinks resembles the prosecutor, how does the official respond?
(a) With violence.
(b) With laughter.
(c) With threats.
(d) With chagrin.

2. How much money does Nikolai offer to Yakov if Yakov will fix up an apartment that Nikolai owns?
(a) 40 rubles.
(b) 25 rubles.
(c) 60 rubles.
(d) 100 rubles.

3. What is Yakov given in order that he can have something to do?
(a) A pencil and paper.
(b) A ball.
(c) A broom.
(d) A broken radio.

4. According to the prosecutor in the courtroom, what punishment is Yakov facing?
(a) A lifetime in solitary confinement.
(b) Ten years of hard labor.
(c) The death penalty.
(d) Twenty-five years in prison.

5. What colors does Proshko say are the flames of the fire that Yakov is accused of setting?
(a) Yellow and red.
(b) Blue and yellow.
(c) Green and blue.
(d) Yellow and green.

6. What is the local anti-Semite group called?
(a) The Black Hundreds.
(b) The Black Knights.
(c) The Black Renegades.
(d) The Black Panthers.

7. Before going to join the running crowd, what does Yakov do?
(a) Hide his money.
(b) Finish his prayer.
(c) Call for the guard.
(d) Clean his plate.

8. Before the secret police member leaves Yakov's cell, what does he leave behind with Yakov?
(a) A Bible.
(b) A confession form.
(c) A questionnaire.
(d) A consent form.

9. Back in his cell after the indictment farce in court, what does Yakov compare his scenario to?
(a) A black horse.
(b) Voodoo.
(c) A bad talisman.
(d) An evil curse.

10. To what group does Nikolai belong?
(a) The Black Knights.
(b) The Black Panthers.
(c) The Black Hundreds.
(d) The Black Renegades.

11. As Yakov begins to think he's going mad, whose ghost does he see?
(a) Zhenia.
(b) Shmuel.
(c) Bibikov.
(d) Gronfein.

12. As the days passed, the Russian officials kept waiting for Yakov to start something. What are they waiting for?
(a) Yakov's period.
(b) Yakov's madness.
(c) Yakov's prayers.
(d) Yakov's violence.

13. When Bibikov apologizes for the poor treatment Yakov is receiving, Yakov asks for only one thing. What is it?
(a) A pair of pants.
(b) A pair of shoes.
(c) A new blanket.
(d) A loaf of bread.

14. The boy's mother identifies Yakov as the man who chased her son. What does she say Yakov was chasing her son with?
(a) A gun.
(b) A knife.
(c) A bat.
(d) A brick.

15. As Chapter 6, Part 5 begins, Yakov is thinking through all of the things he studied before he was incarcerated. What is he NOT thinking about?
(a) Chemistry.
(b) Religion.
(c) Biology.
(d) Philosophy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who discovers what Yakov is doing and confiscates his materials?

2. One month after his arrest, Yakov is taken from the original prison to another location with priests and secret police members in tow. Where is Yakov taken?

3. Who does the local anti-Semite group accuse of committing the murder?

4. When a drunken guard accidentally leaves Yakov's cell door unlocked, Yakov ventures out and comes upon a hanged man. Who is the man?

5. How does Yakov react to Kiev?

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