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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6, Part 7 | Chapter 6, Part 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Yakov happens upon an old injured Jewish man while returning from shopping, where does Yakov take the injured man?
(a) To the hospital.
(b) To the synagogue.
(c) To the injured man's apartment.
(d) To Yakov's apartment.

2. What offense does Proshko accuse Yakov of when he gives his statement to the secret police?
(a) Helping the Jews.
(b) Stealing from Nikolai.
(c) Murdering Nikolai's assistant.
(d) Smuggling drugs.

3. According to the boy's mother, what does Zhenia see when he looks in Yakov's apartment?
(a) Piles of money.
(b) Robes of a rabbi.
(c) Bottles of blood.
(d) A cache of weapons.

4. According to Yakov, what does he believe the boy saw in Yakov's apartment?
(a) Raspberry jam.
(b) A gun catalog.
(c) Monopoly money.
(d) His bathrobe.

5. With nothing to do in his cell, Yakov pieces together bits of something that he recites in his cell. What does he piece together?
(a) Commandments.
(b) Prayers.
(c) Laws.
(d) Psalms.

Short Answer Questions

1. One month after his arrest, Yakov is taken from the original prison to another location with priests and secret police members in tow. Where is Yakov taken?

2. Who advises Yakov to stay in the village and not venture on to Kiev?

3. What is the original charge that the man in charge of the investigation will bring against Yakov?

4. What is the local anti-Semite group called?

5. Before going to join the running crowd, what does Yakov do?

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