The Fixer Character Descriptions

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Father Anastasy - This character offers moral support and is considered a specialist in Judaism.

Berezhinsky - This character is an ex-soldier with swollen knuckles and a broken nose.

B. A. Bibikov - This character is divided between his suspicions that the case is weak and the pressure from his superiors to accept the accused's guilt without question.

Colonel Bodyansky - This character is present when the suspect is threatened with violence by the interrogators.

Yakov Shepsovitch Bok - This character is the fixer.

Deputy Warden - This character is the accused's chief antagonist.

Yakov Ivanovich Dologushev - This is the alias used by the story's protagonist.

Fetyukov - This character shares a jail cell with the protagonist.

Marfa Vladimirovna Golov - This character is the parent of the boy who was killed.

Gregor Gronfein - This character is a counterfeiter.

Grubeshov - This character is...

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