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Chapter 1, Part 1 | Chapter 1, Part 2

• Seeing people running by his window, Yakov joins the crowd and learns that a young boy's murdered body has been found.

• Rumors are circulating that a Jew killed the child.

• These events make Yakov uneasy, as Yakov is a Jew living in hiding in an area forbidden to Jews.

• Five months earlier, Yakov's wife ran off with another man and Yakov announced his plan to move to Kiev to begin a new life. Shmuel begs Yakov not to go.

• As Yakov travels, a wheel on the wagon breaks and then another breaks. Yakov piles his possessions on the horse's back and continues on to the river.

Chapter 1, Part 3 | Chapter 2, Part 1

• At the river, a boatman offers to row Yakov across for a ruble.

• Yakov doesn't want to pay the boatman or part with his horse. The boatman, however, convinces Yakov that the bridge is...

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