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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Marius suggest a joint triumph?
(a) He wants to show respect to Caesar.
(b) does not care about triumphs.
(c) It will gain him more favor with the Senate.
(d) He knows the people will see him as the true victor.

2. What does Caepio order his men to do to verify if there is gold and silver present?
(a) Tear down the bridge.
(b) Burn the building.
(c) Drain the lake.
(d) Dig deeper into the cave.

3. What does Saturninus decide to do when he decides that his change at election is futile?
(a) He plans a coup.
(b) He murders Marius.
(c) He kills his friend, who is holding him back, Glaucia.
(d) He beats a senator to death.

4. What does Marius have constructed to help the army get into the fortress?
(a) A ramp.
(b) A wall.
(c) A catapult.
(d) Stairs.

5. Where is Caepio being sent?
(a) To take over the war in Africa.
(b) To the west to find new lands to conquer.
(c) To deal with the Germans.
(d) To relieve Marius.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does King Bocchus respond to giving Sulla Jugurtha?

2. What does the message the senate sends to Caepio tell him to do?

3. Why does Sulla make his proposal to Marius?

4. Which of the following characters beats a senator to death for ripping off his toga?

5. Who is forced to admit the law forcing the Senators to take an oath is invalid?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Publius an expert on and what does he hope to do some day?

2. What do the senators believe will happen to Marius and whose behavior compounds this issue further?

3. What happens to Caepio when the German's defeat the divided army?

4. What is Marius's argument to get more men to serve in the Roman legions?

5. What does Marius's wish about the march reveal about his origins?

6. What realization does Caepio come to one day when he is fishing on the lake and what does he find?

7. Who does Sulla return with and what does this person share with both he and Marius?

8. What happens when Marius and his army meet the Cimbri army and why is this the case?

9. How does Caepio spend his time once he deals with the few barbarians left in the area?

10. What is happening to Gaius Caesar (elder) and what happens to his son?

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