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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who sets up Gais Caesar the younger to marry Aurelia?
(a) Sulla.
(b) Marius.
(c) Rufus.
(d) Mallius.

2. What does the Senate do to try and make Caepio comply with their orders?
(a) They send six senators to make sure the command is followed.
(b) They send a spy who will report only to them.
(c) They send a small group of armed men to force the issue.
(d) They send an assassin to take out Caepio.

3. What two things does Publius find in the cave?
(a) A cache of gold and a way into the fortress.
(b) A ton of snails and a way into the fortress.
(c) A ton of snails and a cache of gold.
(d) Jugurtha's hideout and a ton of snails.

4. What does Scaurus suspect has been happening in regard to the grain?
(a) The products have been stolen by the Germans.
(b) There has been price manipulation.
(c) The slaves are withholding much of the product.
(d) The crops have been purposefully damaged.

5. Why do Caesar (younger) and Aurelia choose to live in the insula?
(a) They cannot afford a home of their own.
(b) It is where her mother lives.
(c) They want to stay close to her brother.
(d) They need to start their own life.

6. What new controversial law does Marius want to pass?
(a) One that will free the slaves.
(b) One that will require him not to be re-elected each year.
(c) One that will give him more power.
(d) One that will make Sulla a consul.

7. Why does Sulla make his proposal to Marius?
(a) He wants to learn German.
(b) He craves excitement.
(c) He wants to earn more awards.
(d) He needs to practice his skills.

8. What does Sulla suspect the Germans will do before they begin the invasion?
(a) Move their encampments across the bridges.
(b) Divide up into different factions that will move to different parts of the country.
(c) Disperse to collect food.
(d) Come together to plan strategy.

9. Where is Caepio when he thinks he sees gold and silver?
(a) On a lake.
(b) In a cave.
(c) Under a bridge.
(d) Near a mountain.

10. What does the Senate do for Marius in absentia?
(a) Enter his name into the consular election.
(b) Name him Ponitfex Maximus.
(c) Make him a Senator.
(d) Give him charage of Caepio's army.

11. Why doesn't Caepio want to give up his command?
(a) Because Mallius is a New Man.
(b) Because he found the gold.
(c) Because he plans on having his son married there.
(d) Because he does not want to lose power.

12. Why does the Senate want to make Marius Ponitfex Maximus?
(a) They want to honor him for his service.
(b) They believe he deserves the title.
(c) They are trying to give him more power.
(d) They think it will make him more conservative.

13. How does Sulla expect Volux to prove that he is trustworthy?
(a) Ride at night with Sulla through Jugurtha's camp.
(b) Produce Jugurtha immediately.
(c) Deliver King Bocchus immediately.
(d) Ride with him to Marius's camp.

14. Who tries to hold Caepio to some account even though he was not brought up on treason charges?
(a) His son-in-law, Drusus.
(b) Rufus.
(c) Marius.
(d) Metellus.

15. What position does Marius agree to support Saturninus for?
(a) Tribunal.
(b) Quaestor.
(c) Senator.
(d) Consul.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to the men who killed the leaders of the coup?

2. Who does Sulla take with him on his adventure?

3. Where does Marius imprison Saturninus?

4. How many times has Marius been elected consul?

5. How did Caepio's son survive the battle?

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