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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to the elder Gais Caesar in chapter six?
(a) He defends Marius.
(b) He is elected Consul.
(c) He dies.
(d) He becomes a senator.

2. What does Marius do that is expressly illegal?
(a) Kill his friend.
(b) Become First Man in Rome.
(c) March an army into Rome.
(d) Overthrow the senate.

3. When Marius returns to Rome, what doe she immediately want to focus on?
(a) The banquet at the temple of Jupiter.
(b) Re-election as consul.
(c) The fate of Jugurtha.
(d) The triumphal march.

4. What position does Marius agree to support Saturninus for?
(a) Senator.
(b) Tribunal.
(c) Consul.
(d) Quaestor.

5. What does Marius believe will be of greater incentive to the head-count army?
(a) Awards and medals.
(b) Positions in the Senate.
(c) Additional funds.
(d) Land in Africa.

6. Who sneaks in to kill the leaders of the coup?
(a) Saturninus.
(b) Marius.
(c) Glaucia.
(d) Sulla.

7. Why do Caesar (younger) and Aurelia choose to live in the insula?
(a) They cannot afford a home of their own.
(b) It is where her mother lives.
(c) They want to stay close to her brother.
(d) They need to start their own life.

8. When does Sulla find out that the German Army plans to attack Italy?
(a) Next week.
(b) Next year.
(c) Next month.
(d) The next day.

9. On what is Publius an expert?
(a) Snails.
(b) African languages.
(c) Military strategy.
(d) Cave exploration.

10. Why does Marius suggest a joint triumph?
(a) does not care about triumphs.
(b) He knows the people will see him as the true victor.
(c) It will gain him more favor with the Senate.
(d) He wants to show respect to Caesar.

11. Why did King Bocchus leave according to Volux?
(a) Because he is searching for Jugurtha.
(b) Because he was warned Marius wanted him dead.
(c) Because Jugurtha heard of Sulla's visit.
(d) Because he does not trust Sulla.

12. What idea does Sulla propose to Marius?
(a) He will go back to Rome to ensure Marius is re-elected consul.
(b) He will return to Rome to wait until the action starts.
(c) He will move to another area and start attacking the Germans.
(d) He will work as a spy and infiltrate the Germans.

13. How long does it take Marius's army to defeat the entire Cimbri army?
(a) One day.
(b) One year.
(c) One afternoon.
(d) One week.

14. How long does it take Publius to report his findings to Marius?
(a) At least a month.
(b) A week or longer.
(c) A few minutes.
(d) Several days.

15. What does Caepio order his men to do to verify if there is gold and silver present?
(a) Dig deeper into the cave.
(b) Tear down the bridge.
(c) Drain the lake.
(d) Burn the building.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is forced to admit the law forcing the Senators to take an oath is invalid?

2. Which of the following is not part of Caepio's punishment after he is convicted?

3. What information does Marius share with the crowd that makes everyone happy?

4. What does Saturninus decide to do when he decides that his change at election is futile?

5. What does Marius think Rome will think about his methods for gathering men for the army after the battle?

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