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1. Describe Mitch's upbringing.

Mitch had a difficult upbringing. His father died when he was young soon after his brother died in Vietnam. He lived a poor life raised by his brother, Ray, while his mother remarried and found a new life living in a trailer park. This life has made Mitch hungry for success.

2. Why is the Firm so keen on hiring Mitch?

The Firm is impressed with Mitch because his drive has led him from a difficult upbringing to becoming an incredibly high achiever, likely to graduate in the top five from Harvard. In addition, he fits into their policy of hiring healthy lawyers. He doesn't smoke, drink, take drugs and with his wife, Abby, has a secure relationship.

3. How does the Firm tempt Mitch into joining the company?

Initially Mitch goes to the interview with the Firm out of curiosity. He has already had offers from Wall Street and does not see how a seemingly small, family-oriented company could tempt him. They soon change his mind by saying they want Mitch to concentrate 100% on his specialty of tax law. In addition, they tell him he will be well looked after. They will give him a brand new BMW, a low mortgage loan and salary that can compete with Wall Street. If he stays at the company for ten years, he is likely to become a partner and a millionaire.

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